Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Update time!

First update, books. I somewhat finished The Richest Man In Babylon and it is a good book but for me was just difficult to read as the story line didn't grab me. It does talk about financial principals and I would recommend it as a base line financial principal book.
Next book is The Lance Armstrong Performance Program by Chris Carmichael.
Now for training. Being as I have been reading this book, yesterday, while on the cycle trainer I decided to test my max heart rate as instructed in the book. So after a few minutes and totally sucking for air! My max HR was 174. Then I was able to re-calculate my heart rate zone both running and cycling as they were a little off.
Today, I ran 3 miles and negative split each mile, which is good, although the last part of mile 3 I was clearly in my new zone 4 which really was the same as before just a few numbers different.
Overall, the run was faster and felt a little easier despite the 82* and 78% humidity!
My run was great because I had just come from my first ever!! Yoga/Pilate's class. The sports chio place where I am heading come June teaches a class, actually, the physical therapist has been teaching for years so as I showed up at the office to pick up some papers she asked if I was there for the class, which, I was not and immediately stated that they had shorts for me to change into but luckily I was going running so I changed and stayed for the class. Some of that Pilate's is tough! Yikes! and the Yoga, Bowstring, walking the dog, cobra, heavenly prayer, etc.. can be challenging but I really thought it was great and am looking forward to more classes.
So the update on the activities. First my daughter is a softball pitcher for the high school, jr. varsity and covers varsity in case there pitcher gets injured or has an attitude problem and says something back to the coach or something like that but gets suspended from playing and now my daughter has become the starting Freshman Varsity pitcher! Awesome! I'm sure it may be temporary but for now she's enjoying it. It's a little more pressure but she has been pitching for several years and usually works through the pressure.
Next activity. This past weekend I volunteered for the LoneStar Triathlon Sprint and after I attended a seminar for Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) which allows people to work with teams as a team doctor, from elementary to Pro. It's a great certification and there are other requirements but this is part of working with the sports doc come June. Learned some great tricks and great muscle work to help athletes out in a short period of time.
This leads to my now Tuesday and Thursday mornings for working with the student athletes at my daughter's high school which the sports doc was helping out a few months ago but had to stop because he was too busy. It is great to help the student athletes and it helps me fine tune my techniques for sports injuries. Today, there was a students with hamstring, calf, shoulder, and right mid-back pain. Clearance has to be obtained from the parents before final treatment can be given but everyone was sure to get there parents there so I could speak with them or get the consent form signed. I'm so excited and you all are right, it's a timing issue and my time is coming!
OK, gotta run, I gotta shower and get back to the school because today I am volunteering for a mid-school track meet with about 23 different schools so it shall be busy. No chiro sports stuff here, just helping out and getting to know people. My daughter is pitching again tonight so have to jump over in between helping out and watch her and last but not least,
It's my wife's Birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
I surprised her today at work with flowers and a balloon that my daughter and I picked out. She was very surprised to see me there for delivery and it really made her day! She has been super supportive in this whole sports chiro gig and even though it's been tough financially she has been there! I love you! and thank you!
Now that's a great weekend and week.. so far!!!
Blessings to all!


I belong anywhere but in between... said...

yoga and pilates are the BEST...stick to it and you will be amazed as your body changes (in a good way:)

congrats to your daughter...that is great! Tennessee has a lot of great softball universities, including my Mocs...www.gomocs.com

Hope your week keeps on keepin on!

momo said...

happy, happy birthday, mrs. johnnytri!

yea, yoga and pilates are so great for you - i haven't made the time this time around to go or even to get regular massages and my body is starting to feel the neglect. resolution for this week - one massage or one yoga class...

congrats to your daughter, sounds like a great deal and personally, i hope that starting pitcher keeps up her bad attitude! ;-)

Shelley said...

174hr on a bike?? WOW!! That is something!!

Allez said...

You've been super busy! What a nice thing to do for your wife. I hope her b-day is perfect! Yoga & pilates are both awesome!

SkiRough said...

Glad to hear you liked your first yoga class. I really couldn't have more good things to say about it.

Deb said...

Sounds good! Make sure to continue to thank your wife for supporting you.That can be a kind of lonseome place to be so appreciate her! ;)