Monday, April 16, 2007

Rally, Riding, and The Wall of Death.

Yahooooo! I'm back! and what a great weekend riding, freezing, and hanging with family. Let's get to it. Rode down to the San Antonio Bike Fest 2007, we first rode a little out of the way to meet up with my other brother inlaw, Mark, and his family and friend, Ray, who came up from the southern part of Texas. Once we meet up it's easy riding into San Antonio, BAM! wait a minute. As we're about 18 miles out my brother-sister inlaw, Gerado/Alice, who I rode with to meet up with Mark get a freakn` flat tire! (see pictures)
So luckily Mark's wife, Yolanda, was following in the truck with there kids, so us macho guys lifted the bike into the back of the truck, tied it down and hauled it on into San An to find a place to fix it. Finally, after several phone calls we had to drop it off and leave it till next morning to get it fixed, which was fine because we were all tired, wanted to hang out, drink some beer and get caught up, not to mentioned to totally Stormed later about 8pm and it got cold so it was good we were just hanging at the great Motel 6.
Next morning after breakfast we go to pick up the flat tire bike. Now I first have to give a HUGE Thanks to the guys at THE MOTORCYCLE SHOP for fixing the bike in such a short notice, being as all the other dealers would not even have time to fix it till Tuesday!! WTF! So The Motorcycle Shop gets the total plug and if your in San Antonio and need great service, friendly guys, and great deals check them out. OK, but the Motorcycle Shop is a Scooter Shop, yes, the do work on all makes of motorcycles and repairs but there main sales is Scooters! So you can imagine the jokes flying around my family with having to leave a Gerado/Alices bike at the Scooter shop to get fixed! Haha. And we have evidence. (see pictures)
Once back on the road it was over to the Rally where many bike manufactures were on display and many riders were walking about the vendors and shops. It was freakn` cold out Saturday so bundling up was a must. One of the coolest parts of the Rally was watching Rhett Rotten and the Wall of Death. This guy is one of the last guys around to perform this stunt from the early 1900's. It's totally amazing how he rides in on the wall and balances himself, without hands, side saddle, and takes tips from spectators hands as they hold paper currency over the rail in there hands and he just grabs it out while he goes around, Amazing! Not only does the guy put on a great show but he is very professional in his respect for his work, the fans, and his crew, which, includes his wife. He is a complete Class Act! Thanks Rhett. (see pictures)

After the rally we were at Ray's cousins house who hosted us and threw a great BBQ, thanks Mike for cooking, your totally awesome on the grill!
Sunday, was breakfast and walking around the San Antonio market square where I finally found some chaps that I had been looking for, which, would totally come in hand later that evening as we rode home and it got cooler. During the day we all went by the Alamo and then for a late lunch before heading out. (see pictures)
The ride home was basically straight down I-10 with all the speed demons heading back to H-town. I tell you people totally haul ass down the highway. Anyway, we made it back about 9pm after a long day and by then it was cold and I was so digging the chaps I had bought.
Today, it's catch up, was clothes and get a short run in. Oh and yes, I still have part of the cold. The cough is somewhat still there along with some congestion. I'm sure the cold weather didn't help while were riding around but what can ya do.
It's all good. Glad to be back.
PS. today is also a frown sad day for me because IM Arizona has just opened up and financially I am not ready to sign up! Sucks! :(


Bigun said...

you've got a few months to save up for IMCdA'08 (so do I...)

momo said...

yea, cda '08 - i'll be able to tell you all about the new bike course, too!

sounds like a great weekend! big j went to daytona to bike week last year and he had a blast. you should go there some year!

JohnnyTri said...

Oh, would love to goto Dayton Bike week! and Las Vegas Bike Fest!

I gotta buy a HD tho, I so love the Road King Police editions.
Its like a carbon fiber top of the line with zipps tri bike! :)

ps. IMCdA is far! But cant complain as Bigun above is going from FL!

Biker_Blogs said...

A great weekend and a cool gathering. I would love to goto Dayton Bike week. I will invite some of my riding buddies I met on Any detail information? Thanks in advance!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

Sounds like a really fun trip!!! You are right about I10. That is like riding a world speedway! People FLY there. I would usually drive abour 80mph and would have people passing me all of the time! Made me feel like I was standing still