Thursday, April 19, 2007

a week at hand.

So it's already Thursday as the week has moved quickly. I am still fighting the mild cough/congestion but overall its better just not gone!
Training this week as been an easy 3 mile run and good upper body workout with 20 mins of elliptical cardio exercise. Sunday, I am scheduled with my sports chiro bro's for an open water swim so it should be interesting being as I will be swimming without a wet suit, maybe, depending on the water temp, if too cold, I will swim with it and get the practice in.
On another note: I received word this week that one of my cousins, although not too close with as we grew up a part and are a few years a part but he is relation was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer Stage II, he is 27 years young. Yes, it was a little shocking but as a doctor I understand how and when things happen and so my questions were how is he doing and is he ready to win this little life battle? He underwent an outpatient surgical process today and being as it is Stage II he is toward the beginning of the cancer which is good and from my understanding has a fairly good prognosis with treatment. After reading the book Its Not About the Bike, Lance Armstrong, I had a great understanding of what is expected during treatment and prognosis and was able to provide information to my mother who in turn relayed it to her sister, Kathy (it's my aunts son, Daniel).
After learning of this on Tuesday, yesterday, I ordered him the LiveStrong Notebook/Organizer and had it shipped to them. I also have some LiveStrong braclets that I will be sending out tomorrow. I was already wearing the LiveStrong yellow braclet in support of cancer patients after reading the book but now I wear it for them and Daniel! It's great because I never take it off, swimming, biking, running, showering, it does not come off! Period! You never really think that when you support something as I started out after reading the book that I would actually know someone so close (family) that you will be supporting.
I pray for there family to be strong and for Daniel to be stronger as he will need it as he goes through medications and treatments. I sent him a note stating to LiveStrong and that he can win this little test of life. A part of me is sad and another part of me wants to be there with him to motivate, support, listen, cry, and walk as much as I can along his journey but living 900 miles away makes those things hard. It's my job now to let him know that I am here, supporting and cheering him on, a cousin that's distance but is closer than he thinks. It's my job to help other understand and learn. It's my job to be an advocate. It's my job to LiveStrong for others.
May 16th is LiveStrong Day! and although this year I am a little late to organize any types of events but you wait till next year Baby! I'm gonna do it so remember this day and come next year we can go back to archives! rockon`


Molly said...

This is going to be a really general suggestion b/c i can not remember when (allthough recently) I saw this...Lance and three health/nutrician docs were on Larry King Live and it was a really interesting segment. Lance talks about how much he thinks his attitude played in his recovery...I was once again SO inspired by this incredible man(after a short time of having bitter feelings towards him for breaking Sheryl's heart!)

I will keep your cousin in my prayers!

I'll give a full roof top report when I get back!

Take Care

SkiRough said...

Wow. That's great that you ordered him the notebook. One of the kids I volunteer with uses it and loves it. He is lucky to have someone like you there for him, even through the distance.
Many +++vibes+++ for Daniel.