Monday, July 09, 2007

Coeur d`Alene, I think we have a winner.

In working with the Bigun this past weekend via lots of instant messages and emails, it seems we have managed to lock down a house for our trip in 2008. Not only will be the Bigun and Di be in tow but Blink and Mrs. Blink will be rounding out the house guests! (just in.. for some reason it totally slipped my mind that Blink and family are from the great state of NEBRASKA! Go Big Red! GO BIG RED! OK, fyi, peeps, I went to high school and some college in Nebraska and I love, did I say love the football team, even in the rebuilding years, did mention Love. We'll take on the Gators, Bigun, neck of the swamp lands any time!) ..back to business...It appears that our place will be about 5 miles from the host hotel and will be spacious and has a jacuzzi, so Bigun, promised not to wear his speedo's and scare my daughter!

I will say I have sent out about 30 emails, 20 web site inquires and made about 10 phone calls. Some all ready taken, some are not renting, some waiting till later in the year to make a decision, some re-renting to 2007 IM'ers, and some available but not that great or not what we were looking for.

So far this has definitely been the hardest part of IM 2008 but I know that will change.

Saturday was pure lazy and did nothing, which will have to stop as the countdown is one. But I know that it will because Coaching for TNT Winter marathon group will get me out running every Saturday.
Sunday was a 90 min, OK, 100 min bike, I had to catch those to cyclist ahead of me and just pass them, hehe. Then I hit a brick run for about 2 miles. Was working on running pace for next weekend's Race!
The Sunday afternoon, I went to a run clinic which was good but turns out to be a track workout and running 6 x 400's on 2 mins with 2:30 rest! Yikes! I just got done mowing the grass earlier and was not really up for running like that but I got it done.

Today I will hit the pool for about 40 mins and some weights and really this is Taper Week so my run and bike times are down with totally resting Thurs-Fri and Saturday I head to Dallas. Looks like we will be getting together for a short swim and check out the bike course.

Until next time.



Bigun said...

wait a minute - I missed that earlier - you cut ONE yard and was bushed for your track workout? Jeeesh - I'm cutting 7 today and then doing a 37-6 brick! Someday they'll add "lawn cutting" to the list of events for a tri, and I'll be on the podium every time!

You da man, JT - Dallas is all yours!

Myles said...

You can't get Bigun out of his Speedos.

Shelley said...

Going to Dallas? You hooking up with Mr. Triboomer???

Molly said...

I am so excited for you! Sounds like the training is going well too!

I know you will do great in Dallas - have fun!

Take Care

Jane said...

It was good to meet you and the meeting was fun! It finally stopped raining around here - yay!

Tea said...

I'm glad to hear that you got the housing thing worked out. I couldn't believe how booked everyone was.

I can't wait to hear about dallas!

tri-dogmom said...

Congrats on the house! I was worried as well.. I was so spoiled last year with our house being directly across from transition... I tried to get it again, but it was taken.. before the race even started! We did luck out, however and got one a few houses down on Park! Yippee!

Deb said...

Hey Johnny Tri Man! That's great you got the IM digs handled...the details are a pain in the butt, huh?
Great job on the training to. It's tough with everythign you've got going on to still make it happen so kudo's!

momo said...

woot! we are going to have a BLAST!

blink140pnt6 said...

Thanks for doing the leg work on the pad. I'll bring some good old Nebraska BEEF to cook on the grill.

Damn, if Biguns going to be there I better bring the Whole cow.