Sunday, July 29, 2007

What a Training weekend! I'm tired..

Since Thursday I was scheduled for a swim and for some reason I had that gut instinct no to go, really! It wasn't that I didn't want to go but for some reason I just wasn't feeling it and felt tired to I thought to bag it and rest up for the weekend training ahead.
Friday, was scheduled off day so 2 days in a row, really, I didn't plan that, it's just how it rolls. Went to dinner with the family and just chilled. Was in bed by 10pm as it was up early for Saturday run.
Saturday run was scheduled 90 mins and Coach Liz was up for the easy run with me. Being as I am a much slower runner than her she, she ran with me. I forgot my HR chest strap so I just had to use PRE which I guess is good sometimes. We did a big circle loop and there were many other runners/groups out so it broke up the monotony of just running. I did become a little fatigued towards the end of the run and was fighting my body to stay in good posture and be efficient as possible. Total Run Time: 1 hour 36 mins and 9.11 miles.
After the run it was a quick shower and grab some breakfast, Best part of the run and then it was off to the TNT info meetings as there was a two of them. All went well and lots of people signed up which is always good. After the meetings it was off to REI to get some new products and a bike tube.
After spending about 1 1/2 hours at REI and deciding on which new gels/stuff I want to try I elected for the Cliff Products. Now I know there have been other bloggers that have been able to test some products but JohnnyTri has not been offered no such deals so I had to take it upon myself to search and test.
A bought the GUO2 drink mix instead of some more Accelerade, one it was cheaper and two something different.
Cliff Products: 1 - Lemon Lime Cliff Blocks 1 - Strawberry Cliff Blocks 1 - Rasberry Cliff Blocks 1 - Cliff 20 Bar. I was hungry as it was after lunch and ate the Cliff Bar on the way home and have to say it gets a thumbs up as I liked the textured and taste of the bar.

Then being as Mrs. JohnnyTri was working some OT and daughter went out of town with her friend I stopped by Blockbuster to pick up the The Bourne Identity and Supermacy as I needed to recap before the Bourne Ultimatium is coming out next week! Got home cooked up some dinner and watch the movies which kept me awake till 11pm again and it was going to be another early morning Sunday for a bike ride.

Oh, while I was at Blockbuster I had to buy:

And today after the ride I watched The Departed and it was good!

Sunday ride was out where the hills are and judging by the Garmin chart you can see da rolling hills which felt like Mountains to me at times but I made it though as well as the others that came out to ride, we even had a SAG vehicle, Ryan, and he was able to get some good pics. Actually, Coach Liz was riding but starting having some back pain and stopped about 20 miles in and helped SAG duty and picture taking, will post those when I get them.

Now it's been recovery and it's time for a little birthday for my sister in-law Alice. Happy Birthday!

Time to eat, see ya all later...



Bigun said...

Felt like Mountains? You still only got your HR up to 155, so they couldn't have been all that bad...sounds like you had a great weekend!

Allez said...

Let us know if the clif blocks work for you. I'm hoping to catch Bourne Ultimatum opening weekend... great movies!

Jane said...

Those Clif Builder Bars are yummy -you should try the cookies and cream one. I like the Clif blocks, so easy to eat on the bike, but involve some chewing. Great workout this weekend!

Andra Sue said...

Good training weekend! Awesome choice on the Matt Damon film-fest, btw, although I know that's not actually why you picked those movies. :-)

I, too shopped at REI this weekend and got some awesome deals--crazy good sale. I think you'll like the's one of a very few sports drinks that I think tastes half-decent when it's warm. Performance usually has it almost half price, too!

Tea said...

I really like the Clif blocks. I think cherry is my favorite. I haven't tried the builder many calories/protein is that? Is it a post-workout bar?

1HappyAthlete said...

Great training!

I've been using mostly hammer nutrition products, mainly perpetuem and gels on longer rides. I also just started using recoverite as a recovery drink after long workouts.

Looks like you're right on track...

Molly said...

LOVED the departed too!

Great training too!

Take Care