Thursday, July 26, 2007

Question Answer.:..Training update ..swim question?

Imagine that, rain here in H-twn. not only for today but looks like for the next 3 day! What can ya do? So for training the last couple of days I have been on track!

Tuesday was a 20 min basically Tempo run after a 15 min warm up but like I needed to do that being as it was 93 degrees out and who knows what the heat index was! I got it done and stayed in that darn Zone 4 for 16 of my 20 mins, yikes!

Wednesday it was my 2nd pool time in which I was supposed to get up early before work, which means like 4:30am and get it done but that didn't happen so right after work I had double duty.
Oh, yeah, I started the swim focus plan in the lasts Triathlete mag. and was on the second workout which calls for:
10-15 min warm ups.
10 x 25 Sprints.
Drills 15 minsish.
10 x 100's.
So here's how it went. I did the warm ups, then the sprints and skipped the drills and went to the 100's. On my 5th 100 my neck started hurting (ongoing problem that I have, seems to be from Single Sided (right) breathing and OVERUSE) Hey wait, isn't that what I specialize in fixing?) So after Monday's swim it was bothering me and got it fixed and felt good Tuesday and then during the workout it started coming back and I got Pissed off! SO I stopped with the 100's and went back to Drills for Bilateral Breathing. Now I must say I felt like a first timer swimming, wait, pretty much am when it comes to bilateral breathing and I was swimming the beginning strokes for my left side and comparing them to my right and I kept doing this over and over in half length of the pool. After about 10 mins I swam the full length breathing every 3rd stroke opposite and did this about 10x. Then I swam 2 x 100's breathing bilateral and actually timed myself and set the bench mark. Now I have a time and know I can do it, I just need some more practice and it will come around!
Then after swimming I thought I might as well hits some weight for about 30 mins while I'm here, so I did.
Then I got home, pulled out the bike trainer under the car port and cranked out 60 mins of brutal painful sitting and spinning going now where workout! I was dying about 35 mins and realized I had to get it done, thing is, it was only a zone 2 ride so it was pretty easy, it was just really sitting there that drove me bonkers...arrrraggghhh!

Today is the next swim workout so I will focus on breathing and getting the job done. BTW, what does "Swim 1000 in 3 lengths" mean?

And on a cool note yesterday I got called to go down and work on the WNBA Comets again as it turns out a few of them were in need, I love it! They are all so nice down there.

Tour de France stuff.. gezzzz.. so many thing to say here but it is what it is. Discovery Team in the Top 3, yeah!

I emailed Triathlete mag on the question and here is the answer I received from the author of the article:

The swim in a straight 1000 yards (or meters) with no stopping; however, you swim it as 3 lengths moderate pace followed by 1 length fast x 10.



IM Able said...

I HEART bilateral breathing. It took me forever to get used to it, but it was sooo worth it. I have much more balance in the water and swim faster with a bilateral, plus I don't have those nagging sore necks after long sets. At first, I only did it in my warm up sets and drills -- the main set was reserved for focusing on other things. Now I do it all the time. Keep at it -- it totally pays off.

As for 1000 in 3? Not a clue! Strange!

Iron Whore said...

Keep up the good work.

Andra Sue said...

Never heard of "swim 1000 in 3 lengths." Strange.

I've always done bilateral breathing, but it doesn't always stop me from having a sore neck on one side or the other, unfortunately!

And yeah, I'm right with ya on the bike trainer workouts...lately they have been tough to get through. Have you tried listening to NPR or something? This American Life podcasts are great, and it's always an hour long. :-)

Lance Notstrong said...

I'm like Andra.....I bilateral breath but my neck still hurts sometimes.

Tea said...

Swim 1000 in 3 lengths...come on. It clearly means find a bigger pool.

mishele k said...

The trainer is rough-- are you just riding staring at the wall or do you at least have a tv or radio? I need media on the trainer or I'm finished in 10 minutes. Still, it makes for good mental training! Keep up the good work.

momo said...

sounds like your training is coming along well! you'll be glad for your mild weather when the winter comes and you're on the roads and our friends on the east coast are on their trainers for months!

we've had some rain here in az too, monsoons. crazy.

Bigun said...

I see your edit - so now it make sense, except that would be 2000 meters, wouldn't it? Oh, swim in a 25m pool...well, if you HAVE to slum in a 25m pool, so be it....

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

Nice way to knock out a tough workout! Pushing through it!! Great job, your training has really come a long way since I first started reading your blog. I can't wait to see your performance at 101.

Molly said...

I am going to be working on the bilateral breathing too...once I get meyself to the pool, that is! I got cramps the last (and only) two times a swam a mile and ended up switching to breast stroke!

Keep up the good work!
Take Care