Saturday, July 21, 2007

weekend at large..

Last night was a super Victory party with the triathlon Ironhead TNT peeps and boy was it well deserved! Everyone was able to hang out, enjoy some brews, wine, margaritas, mojitos and food! It's nice to get together outside of training and hang out with everyone and really get to know people.

So after getting home about 1am and getting to bed it was clear that I was not going to be getting up for the 7am run so it will have to wait till after the TNT information meeting at 10:30am. It's great to have those meetings as all new people come to see what Team In Training is all about and see if they would like to participate in raising money and training for a marathon or half marathon and most of them it will be there first one! Talking with the new people is exciting because you can see they are excited to train and complete there first endurance event and as a Coach I get to help them and that makes it worth while.

After the meeting it was off to the park and hit a 4 mile tempo run, even though it was about 88* and 86% humidity! Yuk! but either way I got it done.

The rest of the day will be relaxing and doing a few things around the house and trying to catch a movie. Then tomorrow is a planned 40 mile bike, my longest in about 2 months, followed by a 30 min run. It looks as the weather will hold out till the afternoon so we will have to get the ride in early!

Hey if you never heard Get Your Geek On #40 issue it's a pod cast with IronWil and Iron Kahuna, pretty good little tips they give you with coach Mike Ricci and some others. Check it out.

Good Luck to all the Lake Placid IM'ers tomorrow!! You can Do IT!!



Jane said...

Hey good to see you this weekend! Sorry if I seemed bewildered. I was trying to run a little faster than a snail. Do you usually do bricks out there? oh by the way, where do you buy Accelerade powder mix? Tri on the run does not seem to have it.

Allez said...

How did you become a coach? That would have been a killer run! An easy 4 miles is hard enough in the heat!