Monday, July 02, 2007 Name da Bike?

Training recap: For Saturday I got my open water swim in for about 33 mins. My out was faster than by back and I also felt more relaxed going than coming as I was trying to negative split and swimming faster, well, trying to anyways but according to time, I wasn't. Either way I got it done but not the workout with weights. The rest of the day was resting and then off to the movies to see 1408. Good movie if you like scary jumping out of your seat stuff.

Sunday, met up with a few TNT folks while they were on there 60 mile bike ride and rode 30 with them. Got caught in the rain which was nice at times but then it started coming down really hard when I was on my way back by myself and then it sucked! But then again, Ironman doesn't come with free easy rides so all was good. When I got back to the SUV it was lightening so I changed and started to head home, I was about 70 miles out and by the time I got into town it was barely raining so I stopped at the park and got my 60 min run in. Even though it was lightly raining it was a good run, also gave me time to refuel before running so that made it nice.

The rest of the day was resting, cooking, cleaning as the wife had to work some overtime at the hospital.

Then later that night watched the Holiday with my daughter, funny/happy/sad movie but good to watch. Then it was off to bed.

Ok, so one thing I have figured out with Ironman is that when you tell people that signed up for IM they look at you like, SO! They just don't get it, and at times made me feel a little down but then again, WTF do they know! It's not about them, it's about me and all the others committed to it! I am thankful for blogland and the peeps.

After signing up for the IM I realized that I do not have a name for the Fuji so let's play name the bike like Di did with her new car. Any takers?



TxTriSkatemom said...

nobody in my real life (except Hub now that's he seen it in action and my kids 'cause they're cool!) understands it, really. It's why I love the blogosphere -- random people from around the world we'd never otherwise know of give us the biggest cheers -- it's pretty awesome when you stop and think about it.

And I saw 1408 too -- I'd read the short story and STILL jumped and yelped about six times!!! Excellent -- except now I have to get on the road again and stay in hotel rooms!! NOOOOOO!!!

Allez said...

I can understand how you feel about some people not thinking an IM is big deal. That's one of the things that bothers me too, but on a much smaller scale. Since I'm only at sprints!!! ;-)

Bigun said...

I really haven't told any non-triathletes about it yet. Then again, I don't have many non-triathlete friends.

I'm horrible at naming bikes; mine is still just a bike. A fast bike, but still, just a bike. Sorry -

blink140pnt6 said...

IM is personal for sure and I think even seasoned triathletes that have never done an IM don't fully grasp the power of it. I know I didn't. It's more than a race in my mind at least.

As for the bike what about Dino?

JohnnyTri said...

Hey Dino is funny and cool, I likey..
i am like Bigun.. not good at naming bikes.. so far its just da Fuji..boring I now..



Tea said...

The best response I got was "How many days will it take you to do that?"

"You're doing that in one day? Like in 24 hours?"

Well...I was thinking to myself more like 16:59:59.

As for the name, hmmm, I just named my new car. I'm only good for one creative thought per year. Yeah, it's a quota required by law.

Myles said...

My bikes only get named after some feat. My Trek E-9 has become Old REd because it's red and it has been a relaible steed over the last few years. I call started calling my brevet bike Sexy Beast after a 100 mile ride in high winds and 35 degree temps, it's a beautiful bike and tough. My new race bike hasn't earned a name yet.

JohnnyTri said...

yeah, i think it might have to earn it wings as well.. i'll keep thinkn`


Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

I don't know, I really like Dino!!
Hey, we could be a "tri family" I have Betty(Lou) and Fred(my bike)....LOLOL

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

I just remembered... Blink is the one who came up with Betty. You know, before we ever saw it happen he'll have everything in The Land of Blog named after the Flintstones!!! rotflmao
I still love Dino, cool name

Andra Sue said...

Unfortunately, I don't think you can expect an "outsider" to understand the guts it took to click that little button and sign up for an IM. The best response you can hope for is for someone to call you crazy. The worst is that they have no concept of how hard the journey will be and they think it's no big deal.

I say, just keep that little gem to yourself and treasure it until next June! :-)

Lance Notstrong said...

I think people that act that way about IM just have no idea. I recently told someone about running a marathon and they seemed impressed and then said, "how far of a run was that"? NO IDEA!!!

Molly said...

In all honesty....I have learned from personal experience that you have to run one mile to understand doing that 26 times and swim one mile to unserstand doing that 24 times...I don't know if I would have had the level of excitement (for you) and understanding this time last year.
Being the sports nut that I am I look at the colors of the bike and think of sports teams...Raider or Falcon come to mind. I do also like Dino...that makes me think of the Flinstones, how about Bam Bam or Pebbles...I'm not very good at making decisions!

Take Care!

Bradster said...

Sweet ride! It's a Fuji--how about "Gypsy Rose"? Oo! Or a character from Anime! Would you consider "Trixie" from the "Speed Racer" cartoon?