Friday, July 13, 2007

Leading up to race day..

This week has been a taper week but for some reason resting this week has been somewhat difficult. Let's see. On Monday, I did swim for about 750 meters and then I had a Houston Racing Triathlon meeting, got home about 8:30pm. Tuesday, I was able to get home after work and relax as I was feeling a little scratchy throat and was like shit, not now, it's taper week!

Wednesday, I got a little body tune up from one of the docs and he actually checked a few extra things on me, now if you are familar with meridians and chinese medicine/accupuncture this makes sense, if not, bare with me. After checking my neurologic system, which I think there is 12 areas they check, turns out 9 of my 12 are out of whack! WTF! Just what I need. So after a few things doc Daniel is pushing on places under my arms that I never knew could be tender. After a few mintues of this I am instructed to get with him again Thursday and recheck some things. So Thursday, I see a couple of patients and then it's off to help work on some of the Houston Comets players as they have a kids day program and are playing an game. Yeah, Score! Professional Athletes!!

So we get there and get our all access pass and go down to the training room and meet the head trainer and just talk for a bit. Next thing I know there are several players getting various treatments and relaxing before warm ups. The head trainer comes over and say "hey, doc, can you go work on the lady at the end of the row?" Sure! I get to her and ask what the problem is and she explains and I proceed. After a few minutes it's clear that what I am about to do for is going to help her feel better but is not going to last too long, a day or two, maybe three because she has more things going on that need more time to fix and explain that to her but she is just like, OK, Doc.. just fix me. (now for privacy reasons I can't say who she is but she did have a good game and played alot) After helping out we are then asked if we want to stay and watch the game, huh, YEAH! duh.. so they tell us being as we have all access passes to just go down front and sit any where and if someone comes for the seats just move as it is not expected to be sold out. Score! So we sit in the second row, not wanting to be too greedy and snag Front Row!
So game starts and 5 mins into a player is hurt and they are calling for us to come back to the training room and help. (that is another story) Comets win 87-77 over the Minnesota Linx! da's right!!!

After the game we had lunch, went to book store so I got the new Triathlete mags and then to get my bike inspected for Ironhead. Then it was back to the office for about 1 1/2 hours and then over to Rice University to work on some of the girl's soccer players.

Once there the room they are in is temporary because they are rebuilding there training room and the freakn` A/C is not really working that great so it's sweat time! Luckily, the girls were more apologetic because there just came from working out and had grass/mud/sweat all over them. So it was an equal deal. After a fixing up a few of them I was able to work on there coach and help her out and feel better. Oh, by the way it's about 4:45pm.

After this I had gotten a call when I was back at the office for the hour or so and asked if I could come out to the TNT meeting and cover the Coach's speaking role as the Coach Liz couldn't make it. Sure. So I was there by 6pm helping set up and guess what. No Freakn` A/C either! double WTF! So I do the meeting, hang out and get home by 8:30pm again! What a day.

This morning about 3am I wake up and my back is screaming at me! I get up and go to my chiropractic table, yes, I have one in my house, why wouldn't I, right? and I lay down and attempt to do a self fix and quickly realize that I am not going to succeed and only manage to fix myself about 40%, damn. So I just on the puter and catch up and some things.

The rest of today should be light and I will get my back thing taken care of, I was even going to mow my back yard tonight but now forgetta bout it.. Bigun, is going to razz me I just know but if I wasn't racing on Sunday and leaving tomorrow morning I would, Bigun, really I would. I won't have any other doc's at the race this weekend so I have to stay tip top!!

I'm excited for Saturday as it's travel day, packet pick up and practice swim at the venue. I also get to meet a couple of fellow bloggers but can't say who just yet, check back in Monday for updates and race recap.

I imagine I will be checking in Saturday night and giving the practice recap and pre-race details.



Allez said...

I'm trying to picture how you do a self fix on your back??? Can you crack your own neck? :-)

JohnnyTri said...

Oh no way on the self crackn neck stuff.. Not only is that not good to do it yourself but actually I've never tried it just let the other docs do it..
self fixing is not easy either as its hard to relax and hold the body in positions to release the proper muscles.

Bigun said...

I've never let anyone crack my neck - probably never will - just a trust thing there....and I have good friends who are "crakers" - anyway - I'm not going to give you any greif - just good luck and have a great race!

Tea said...

Have a great race! I too was wondering about the self fix and had this torture type table in mind.

1HappyAthlete said...

Have a great race this weekend!!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

happy racing this weekend!! You'll do great, just know it!!!

Molly said...

All of your preperation will lead to a great, realx and have come fun!

Take Care

Jane said...

Good luck to you! We'll miss you here in Houston.

TxTriSkatemom said...

I wish I could go out there tomorrow, but I just can't make it work. Family and long run have to take precedence -- sorry! But I know you get how it goes. You are going to have an awesome race, I know it! Good luck and can't wait for the race report!!

Wil said...

Gah! I crack my neck all the time, and back, and wrists, and um, ok I guess everything on me cracks - yikes.

YOU are going to have an awesome race. Can't wait to hear the details! Hey and btw I found your theme song for IMCDA! Will email it.