Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dino tweak..next race.. wetsuits.

I have had Dino now for about a 7 weeks and I know it takes some time getting used to, some things just haven't felt right.

When I first got it the seat took a little playing with forwards and backwards to find the right spot. Then it has been the aero position which is something totally new but my neck extensor muscles continued to be achy/sore after every 70+ ride... humm.. so even after Ironhead I was sore and just a little bit today.

So yesterday I was at Tri On The Run and talking with Johnny Z. and he said that the position might be a little off and to bring it in. So today I took lil` dino on over to TOTR and we got a few tweaks. The picture is the worksheet Scott used and where I am currently now set up. Scott is super cool and knows what he's doing!

First off, my seat was too low, so up they raised it. Next came moving the seat a little more forward, nice. And then Scott changed out the spacers under my aero bars which were originally 12mm and put 25mm lifting them up just a little but this gave me more comfort in the shoulders immediately.

Scott and Johnny were talking about the Fuji bike (Johnny owns exact same one) and that Fuji in there wonderful design of a tri-bike for some reason missed the boat on the seat angle and are about 74*. Fuji is now making a correction seat post for the Aloha 1.0 bike but is not scheduled to be out till 2008 some time, geez thanks! There is a today fix and that would involve ordering an aftermarket carbon seat post for about $200! WTF!

After the few tweaks on Dino I am now at 75.2*, best they can get it without the seat post.
Overall it feels better but won't really know till I ride for at least 70+ mins.

On another note I am in a deciding factor for which race to do next. There are a few things to consider in this which include,
1) When is next event and how long do I have to train?
2) Should it be a HIM or Oly?
3) Can I do a HIM and 50.5 series 2 weeks apart in that order (IM Myles will say yes, right?)
4) Can I get the volume up safely as to not induce over training and injury?
5) Will it benefit me this far out from IMCdA?

I will be taking a look at these questions and keep you posted.

Next has to be a new wet suit consideration. I will be needing to buy one for IMCdA so I have started looking and researching. I really like the Xterra Vector Pro 2, 2XU Elite and the OR Hydro, there's one other but I can't find it at this time. If anyone has these please comment.
They all seem to be around $500, yikes! Might have to look for something cheaper, any ideas?



Deb said...

Not a cheap sport by any means, but if it's your passion.... I say FEED IT! (and have fun!!!) ;)

Jill said...

You should talk to Liz about doing the HIM and then doing the 50.5. I am sure she would have some good advice. I didn't even know the 101 was offering the 50.5. Too cool, I will have to check it out. You could always to the HIM in Galveston if you wanted to wait a bit on that distance.

Tea said...

I'm in the same boat on deciding on next races.

Good luck!

btw--what kind of wetsuit do you have now? I have the blue seventy helix (sleeveless) that I really like. I had a cheaper blue seventy one before the helix, and what a difference a couple of hundred bucks makes.

I don't think you can go wrong in that price range.

JohnnyTri said...

I have QR sleevless.. its about 3 years old but only have used it really for 1 year. It's OK but I want a full, esp. for IMCdA.


Myles said...

Eee Gads, I've become predictable! I was reading that line about doing the HIM and 50.5 and thinking..."Sure, what's wrong with that" and ZING!

I have the QR Hydrofull…I love it and it’s IM tested by me personally. Thin material through the shoulders so it is easy to get a nice full stroke, it’s not constricting, good buoyancy, pretty slippery in the water and Triathlete Sports have the 2006 models on sale right now for a sweet $319.99


Allez said...

Wet suits are SO expensive!