Friday, July 06, 2007 update.. and more Rain.

With lots of time being spent on researching where to stay for IMCd`A, talking with family, planning times it seems that this is the hardest part of IM so far! So let's get to some training updates as this week was not a time for slacking off due to the holiday because my Olympic race is next freakn` week!

As the scheduled called for swim on Tuesday which I manged to crank out 30 x 50's with a slower time than I thought but I got it done, did not get to hit the weights that afternoon as, yes, I had to leave to get home and do some family stuff but no complaints as family stuff is good!

Wednesdays training plan called for 90 mins of Z2 easy riding and being as God has been letting us know that he did once flood the earth with many days of rain, He wants to make sure we have not forgotten as it has rained everyday here in H-twn for almost 2 weeks now and Wednesday was no exception. OK, so now that I have signed up for IM and it's raining I was thinking well, gonna have to get used to it but then when it was really coming down and thundering I thought, well, I still have 11 months! So I mounted Dino (the new name, thanks to Blink)

Thursday, plan called for Z4 run, yikes, again! I really thought that when I got to the park that I was going to run my own plan for that day as z4 did just not sound appealing but then thought, just do it! So I started out with the 20 min warm-up and then it was on to Z4. As I was 3/4 mile into Z4 I noticed I was clickin` along and my Garmin pace was close to 9min/mile, WOW! I thought, great just keep going and actually I saw it drop to 8:34/mile at one time!!! Double WOW!! but now it started to rain really hard so I just kept running knowing that I could feel myself slow down a little and then the wind started blowing, HEAD WIND! and I thought, NO You Are Not Taking My About To Be 9 min/mile, and just about then I heard Garmin beep and looked down, mile 3 @ 9:09! Holy Shit! That's a freakn` PR EVER!!! Now I was about to breath out a lung so I slowed down a bit and kept running to finish off the 20 mins but it was not at that pace. Totally wet but a new mile PR!! Then I thought, damn, this training plan is working!

Today, is off/rest day! Yahoooo!

Saturday is 4o min swim and Sunday will be a 90 min bike (brick) with 50 min run.
Also Saturday I am helping out with the a Kids Triathlon so that should be a blast! other than getting up at about 4:30am... but Sunday will not be much different to be riding by 7am.

Glad you all liked the Dating a Triathlete... just too funny..


in case your wondering, YES, it's raining right now again!


Jane said...

Wow- that's fast! It's still raining... :( I wanted to go cycling this afternoon. I will just be thankful that it's not flooding.

Andra Sue said...

Rain, rain...GO AWAY!!! I cannot stand it for one more day!

Awesome run times, bud. :D

Allez said...

I hope this crappy weather clears out by next weekend for your tri! All this rain has been sucking big time!

blink140pnt6 said...

Good for you for helping on the kids tri.

Tea said...

What is this "rain" thing you are talking about? Is it anything like snow?

(EXCELLENT job on the run! I am so impressed!)

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

congrats on the run PR!! Yea!!!
I like the name

Molly said...

Great run!
I like Dino...a good bike name.We are in the midst of the second week of "scattered afternoon showers" and it looks like next week will be the same!
and YES it is raining here NOW too!

Take Care

SkiRough said...

Okay... I finally get it, Dino is the BIKE'S name. Very cute!

Hope you are surviving ze rain!

Spokane Al said...

Sounds like you are living in Seattle instead of Houston, except Seattle rain is more of a long and steady drizzle rather than down pours and people floating away down rivers.

Congratulations on the new mile PR.

blink140pnt6 said...

How did I miss that I had officially named your bike on the first look?

I'm Honored!