Saturday, May 17, 2008

90+10 = 100!!!

That's right boys and girls. JT done concurred the Century mark. So here is how it went down.

I was out the door at 6am and riding good. I actually stopped around 20 miles and adjusted my seat back a little and set back out. It actually felt pretty good and I was feeling more comfortable in the saddle. Nutrition was working well, I was using shot blocks and some fig newtons today and as the temperature started rising I was using a good amount of water as I had stopped a couple of time to refill. At 56 miles I was 3 hrs 20 mins and still feeling good but soon after things changed and only made me realize that your body decides how it wants to feel and any time and you are just along for the ride. So between miles 60-80 I had a sluggish time and even though the course was a little hillier it wasn't a reason to be complaining but the burning in my right foot was! Not sure why my foot started burning but after a while it stopped and switched to my left big toe! There were a few times it was burning really bad and I even stopped on the side of the shoulder to just give my foot a rest. Around mile 75 I stopped to move my seat forward just a little as this was the only thing that I changed and possibly caused the foot burning. I did notice that the foot burning reduced and almost went away but I was again fighting the cramped position of the cockpit.

The last 10 miles were great because it is basically all down hill back to my house which gave me a nice little rest to bring the HR down and being as it was getting nice and warm outside I enjoyed the nice coast to the house.

Once back at the house I realized it was pretty dang hot outside as it was after 12pm and although glad to back at my house and able to get inside I was only at 90 miles which meant Trainer time! So I hooked up the bike and cranked out the last 10 on the trainer. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but overall I was glad to be done.

After getting cleaned up and some refueling I caught up with Mr./Mrs. Formulaic at a nice little get together with a lot of tri/runner peeps. I even got to meet Frank Lowery, the RD for Silverman!!! but mostly the exciting thing was I got to meet the one and only Stef!! from bloggerville!! Her and her husband were there and it was great to finally meet her in person!

After getting a few beers and lots of food it was time to head home and get some in door AC rest.



Stef said...

JT it was SO GREAT to finally meet you in person!!

Can't wait to hear how CDA goes we are so excited for you!

Oh and don't forget to sign up for the Half Silverman!! ;-)

Bigun said...


Jane said...

Regarding your tire question (from long ago, on the CdA blog), do you have separate race wheels?

I'd go with Vittoria's for race day. Not sure why you're flatting. If you want a super durable tire, there are Continental Gatorskins, but they areheavier, so there's a tradeoff.
A lot of people use the Conti 4000's.

Woo-hoo for your century ride!

teacherwoman said...

Nice job dude! :) wahoo!

Ryan said...

Great dedication to ride 90, then go in on the trainer for 10 more. I would have said "screw it, I'm done!"

Way to stick with it.

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, your date with Ironman is quickly approaching.

CoachLiz said...


Really proud of you dude!!!

Formulaic said...

Way to go! The plus 10 is nice. Good dedication.

Way to go.

Now that you broke the barrier, keep it up!