Friday, May 02, 2008

Week in Review/Weekend..Month Review

It's Friday and that means some good training, relaxing, and eating for the weekend!

First up, tomorrow morning is a nice little 5k Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure And Yes, Bigun, I will even, well maybe, be wearing the Komen shirt, so can't wait to hear about that one! HA!

Later in the afternoon I should be hooking up with Formulaic and the Mrs. out at Lake Mead for a open water swim and some relaxation. Other than that just get ready for the long bike on Sunday and get some more R.R. in.!!

As I just said Sunday will bring a long bike ride (as Bigun says "It's all about the Bike") and the weather is looking great! No wind! (shhhh, I might jinx myself) and then in the afternoon it will be R.R. time with some food and a nap.

Now being as I had to work 13.5 hours last night! Yes, that totally sucked and it messed up my run for yesterday! But at least this week I have got a great swim in Wednesday night with 3000 years and 2800 of that with paddles. It was an interesting feat to swim with those things but once I got going it was great and the Lat/Shoulder soreness yesterday and today reminded me how great it was, HA!

The month of April kicks out my overall review of my training:

Swim: 16,812 yards
Bike: 244.5 miles
Run: 61.8 miles
Strength - 5 sessions 30 mins each. (core work)
With a Total of 31 hours 32 mins.

Now overall I do not know how great or not so great those numbers are but I do know that May is going to be a lot higher with my bike mileage being probably double as well as the swimming. I did see SWTrigal review and she killed me overall in biking and a little in running but swimming we were both close.

So hope everyone has a great weekend!!



Molly said...

Hope the 5K went well...Yea Jen!
Your April numbers look good to me!
Have fun in May!
Take Care!

SWTrigal said...

Looks good JT-hey remember I don't have the work schedule you have! Hang in there..