Monday, May 26, 2008

and that's the way it was....

(movie anyone?) From Friday's post I had a great weekend of training planned out and as it turns out I pretty much got it done with a few alterations. So let's get straight to it and talk about the other stuff in a minute.

Saturday morning I was up and out the door by 6am. It was a little colder than I had expected and luckily I had decided to wear an extra long sleeve shirt as I had been watching the weather and knew it was going to be a little colder than normal. What I didn't expect was it to be THAT COLD. I started off and after about 10 mins my hands were pretty cold and I was wishing I wore my biking tights instead but I decided not wear them as I figured it was going to be too warm later on in the day. I headed out to to Red Rock and it was pretty cold but I kept going and I was feeling good. At my usual stop, the gas station and turn around, I refueled and noticed a couple of other cyclist and they were getting ready to head out. I went to the bathroom and took off and just a mile down the rode I see them pulled over on the side of the rode working on one of the bikes. As I slow up I ask if everything is OK and they said yes there were just adjusting the seat. By this time I am just about to stop and I unclipped my left foot, as usual, and then make a full stop next them when all of a sudden I start to lose my balance and fall to the right with my foot still clipped in. I said Wow, I'm falling and one of the girls fixing her bike seat lunges out to grab me but TOO LATE! Down I go!! BAM! They both asked if I was OK and begin to help me up. I said yes, and laughed and introduced my self. (It was pretty comical!) Next thing I know the other gal recognizes me and asks if I rode with the TNT Group a few weeks back out at Lake Mead, I said Yea! And then I recognize them as well. Hey, what's going on? Sorry to crash next to you as I was trying to offer help, lol. They fix the seat on the brand new 2008 Fujui Aloha! Nice bike I said, of course. We take off down the road and I ride with them for a little while when all of a sudden it begins to rain. Not just a little rain a nice big down pour! So the group slows and they decide to turn around and head back but I have to keep going and press on in the nice down pour. After a few mins it stops but the damage is down, I am totally wet and now it's really cold. As I head back into town from Red Rock I decide to finish up and not push riding wet and get sick (Jenn has been sick, but that's another story) I finish up the ride with 50 mins. Not too bad considering I was wet and cold.

Sunday morning I was out the door for a nice little 10 mile run. Pretty uneventful and not much to report here. Now I was planning on swimming in the afternoon but that did not happen as the pool changed there holiday lap swim and there was like 1500 kids in the pool so I was SOL,

Monday, I was out the door at 6:30am and the weather was PERFECT! I went out on the far loop first and than headed back to Red Rock and than back home. Pretty good ride although I seemed slower today at the 56 mile mark. I had a flat tire while riding at about 28mph. I finished up the ride at 90 miles. Once back I changed T2 and headed out for a little run. After about 8.18 miles or 1 hour 35 mins I was finally done. Total workout time today: 7 hours 7 mins.! YEAH!! Great training I think and a Great deposit into the Bank of CdA, which is about ready to be cashed in!

Lessons Learned:

- Need to take warmer clothing, in case CdA is cold/rainy like Saturday ride was, Gloves, Arm warmers, tights.

- Needed to take more solid food on Monday's ride as I could have easily taken it in and actually needed it, I was hungry on the run.

- The Brick run was good. Lot's of uphill climbing and I was able to keep my HR under control, it was actually better than Sunday's only run.

- I think I will carry my Fuel Belt with a couple of bottle for CdA.

I have ordered some nice CdA goodies that I needed and will post the Porn when they come in!!

It's all looking good towards CdA and although I haven't swam as much as I have liked I am feeling OK.

The movie is Bruce Almighty.



Bigun said... i reading this right, or have you still NOT rode 100m straight? I'm just asking....

Still a great workout. Keep it up, only a couple of weeks left!

S. Baboo said...

Great weekend!

Ryan said...

I don't think that you have to worry about getting sick from your girlie.......

Morning Sickness is not contagious!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stef said...

Great weekend!!!

Tomas said...

Brilliant account of the "crash" are you sure that was by accident? :)