Monday, May 12, 2008

lil bug

What what I think as this weekend passes and I seem to have.. no wait, did damn near NOTHING! So let's back track..

The week was fairly good for swimming as I got a good couple of long swims in and 2 short run, I mean short, only 3 and 4 miles. Work this past week was crazy and it actually bumped one of my runs and had me tired and playing catch up all week long, grrrr!!! By Friday I was basically mentally fried.

With the help and motivation of Formulaic, who was on his way to his 1st Olympic!! (Way to Go Buddy!! What a race you had and Elements to deal with!) he helped me change a few things for Saturday and I attempted to hook up with a fellow CdA peeps who has a CompuTrainer for the course and has invited me to come ride it but I was unable to get a hold of the great guy and so that kind of left me hanging in the wind for Saturday. In the morning I got up and was so not ready to do anything so I took my time hoping the great guy would email/call but no luck. So by mid-morning I still had done nothing, the day had started and then it was after lunch where I found myself taking a nap and watching a movie. I didn't even go outside till about 7pm I left for a couple of errands which took me to the book store where I did pick up Triathlete mag and the 25th Anniversary Edition of Triathlete mag. Then came home and I looked through the mags and went to bed about 12am.

Sunday, I was out the door, not really wanting to about 6:30am and ended up riding an hour before I was totally ready to get off so I I did! I then managed to run 4 miles afterwards and felt a little better but still fought through the workout. By the time I was done, I was hungry and just glad to be done. I made some coffee, sat on the balcony and read the mags again and just began to think. The rest of Sunday was spent with mom.

Today, I was out the door and cranked out 6 miles and actually felt pretty good. It was really windy and I actually just enjoyed it as come race day who knows what the weather will be like. As for the rest of the week it has to be stellar!

Now as I was thinking on Sunday I began to wonder where it all started last year and "why" I signed up for IM. There are many reasons but it all comes down to the wire in the next 42 days! I think about what needs to be accomplished in that amount of time and if I can really pull this off. It seems like I need more time but while training I feel pretty good out there. So where does that little bug of Demotivation come from and WTF! I don't have time for that shit. After relaxing on Sunday and enjoying the mags, I put together a little list of things I need to get before CdA and I understand that basically the next 3 weekends are some heavy training days and then it will be taper time and come ready or not, CdA will take no Prisoner's!!



SWTrigal said...

As the training ramps up, I find it harder to keep on the positive side. Too bad the computrainer thing didn't come through-that would be awesome feedback! I find if I may a commitment to meet peeps to train, it is harder to "bag it" so to speak. Hang in there JT-you have to run with me at IMCDA!

Formulaic said...

I definitely agree with Swtrigal. Hook up with the local tri club and make a plan to workout with them ALL the time. It'll be hard because their W/O aren't exactly the same as yours but you can make it work.

It's tough going. Take care of yourself. I know you can get through it. It’ll just be a metal battle. This is exactly the time for training on that!

S. Baboo said...

Dude, the long training can lead to burnout and sometimes it is a good idea to drop your volume dramatically and just chill for a few days you won't lose fitness. You will be refreshed for some big miles over the next three weeks, it will be hard and it will be time consuming but it will go by fairly quickly and then it's taper time. You'll get to where you need to be.

Molly said...

Go back and read some of your old posts! You have wanted this so long and you are REALLY close!
I am already looking forward to your race report!
Take Care