Monday, May 05, 2008

BOnkin` the weekend..

Here it goes:

Saturday morning I was out the door to meet up with my parents at the Komen 5k. We were going to park in the major parking lot and take the shuttle like everyone else, however, I got a little turned around and ended up parking in the same parking lot that we did for the 5k Santa Smack down back in Dec when S. Baboo, GeekGirl, and there buddy were in town. This turned out to be the smartest move as I beat my parents to the so called check in and later gave them a ride back to their car.

Now we were supposed to meet up with Formulaic but they were running a little behind on the shuttle bus and totally missed them at the race, sorry, Form.

The race was great. A great turn out for a great cause. I lined up on the runners side as I was preparing to run/walk and didn’t want to get stuck behind all the walkers. The gun went off for the runners as the walkers had a 5 minute start behind the runners but this didn’t really happen as everyone took off. Started running for a little bit on the sidewalk passing lots of walkers and then finally made it to somewhat open road. I was run/walking and at one time I was running almost a 9 min/mile pace and I had to slow down. There was lots of people on the course so it made it hard to run. 

Now afterwards I found my dad who was already done with his 5k run and was waiting on my mom as she was walking her first 5k and next thing I know she calls me and ask where we are at and tells me she is back at out designated meeting place!!

Holy cow, mom was fast!! So we went to meet her and then no word from Formulaic so we took off to go eat at one of the casinos.

Now I am not sure what I ate but something didn’t really agree with me and later in the afternoon I was having stomach issues that continued on through the night, ugghh!! So this totally botched my swim, meeting up with Form at the lake or any further running!

Sunday morning I was out the door and on the bike by 6:30am. The ride break down: 1) I went out a little too fast/hard when I started riding with this other biker I caught up with. 2) Due to the stomach issues the night before, I didn’t start taking in nutrition till about an hour well into the ride. 3) Even though I started at 6:30 by 11:30-12, it was hot! Need to start by 5:30am as it was already light enough to ride. 4) Don’t ride out of HR zone as it kills the back end of the ride.

The ride was good and I learned, which is better to have problems now than on CdA day! I still felt achiness in my neck from being in the aero position for so long (need to get this checked) and I was having bike short problems pretty much all day, note to self, stay with the tri shorts, not bike shorts!

I ended with a bonk at 83 miles in 5 hours, 16.5 mph avg., AVG. HR 145, and according to Garmin burned 5600 calories. I think overall better than last week’s ride considering I had stomach issues.

Today, I feel tired and not recovered and am looking forward to the swim tonight to help that out.

47 days left….



Formulaic said...

47! Whew!

The HR looks good for the ride.

Keep working on that nutrition and working on the mileage.


S. Baboo said...

Man, very cool you have the whole family out there at the 5K, Awesome!

SWTrigal said...

We did do the sam mileage and started at 6:30 AM. BUT you did it in 45 min faster! Nutrition is hard to remember-i have to set my garmin to remind me to eat on the bike.

Kathleen said...

That's a great ave HR! You think tri shorts are more comfortable for long rides? I always wondered if they had enough cushion...

Steven said...

I'm glad your stomach issue was minor! Great job out there!

CoachLiz said...


You should know by now that bike shorts are bad news. It is just more junk to irritate your junk.

You did not tell me about the stomach issues...

Eric said...

Bonking sucks. Maybe you didn't have enough ass (chamios) creme on :-)