Friday, May 23, 2008

to count or not to count..

is the question. With 29 days remaining till the big event, is it still possible to count how many training days we have left? I mean with taper and all built into the following days I feel like I need every bit of that 29 to make it the 140.6 miles!

On tap for this long holiday weekend, yahoo!! no work Monday! So Saturday I will be starting off with the bike and cranking out another 100 + 12 = 112 ride! That's right, going the whole distance this weekend which leads me to what area around my neck of the woods to get this done. I can do the out and back loops that I have rode before and extend it just a little to get the 112 instead of hitting the trainer OR I can head out to the infamous RAGE/SILVERMAN Course and really pay the price. Now the differences are my loops course goes through town and has many stop lights/stop signs so it breaks up the continuous riding and slows you down overall on time but there are many areas for refill, bathrooms and anything else you might need on a solo 112 ride. Now the RAGE/SILVERMAN course is a continuous highway ride with no support at all! I like the fact of continuous riding but not the unsupported part as I can only carry supplies to last about 35 miles and could push the envelope to 56 with an out and back 2x ride but pushing the envelope on the last of the training rides is Probably not a smart thing to do, so with all that I guess I am riding the loops ride! HAHA!

I am looking to run off the bike for a little bit as well and dropping everything off at my house, T2, will also be a good or possible a bad area as the couch might look pretty inviting by that time.

Sunday I am looking to get a longer run in and yes I know it is going to be on tired legs and they are going to feel heavy and I will feel slow and sluggish, Wait.. I am slow and sluggish, ha! and if anything I might actually swap Sunday's run to Monday and go a little longer and get the long swim done on Sunday as Monday the pool will be off limits to lap swimming. Yes, this is sounding better. A little recovery swim, oh yeah right, 4000m, recovery? WTH! and then long 3 hour run on Monday. I think I like this plan.

This past weekend I met Dr. Victor Leach from Biomechanics of Las Vegas at the BBQ and I went to see him for a little tune up and let me tell you something, Dr. Victor has some great stuff going on. He is certified Active Release Technique (ART) doctor and was great enough to work on me and fix some things that have been nagging at me over this long training. This was also my 1st time to experience ART and if you have never tried it I highly recommend it! It is great for any athletes and active people. Thanks Dr. Victor, I am sure I will be seeing you again before CdA.

Have a great weekend all...



tri-dogmom said...

I think this is a BIG weekend for all of us!

Doing the Rage course would be FANTASTIC trainign for CDA.... But, I understand the stopping for refuel. You need a sherpa!


Stef said...

So glad the weather has cooled down for your ride! Hope the 112 went well. Next time you need a sherpa out this way let me know I will help you out!

Glad also that the ART worked for you, you are going to be SO ready for C'DA!

Bigun said...

We all know Johnny Tri Vigil
Who made his young girlfriend giggle
He's in such denile
about being a pedifile...
"I swear, Judge - I thought she was LEGAL!"

Train hard...only a couple of weekends left, big guy!

Steve Stenzel said...

Let the countdown begin...