Thursday, May 15, 2008


The other day I was driving down the road on the way back from lunch and I saw Run Bike Swim, its a small triathlon store and quickly made a turn around to go check it out. It has some pretty good stuff and the owner was really nice. But while there and looking at things I am needing for Cda, I decided to upgrade from my school back pack to TYR Triathlon Bag!!
So one thing off the list.

The rest of the week has been ok getting a couple of things done but mostly worrying about how to bust my fatigue, mental, I'm being lazy, super tired, work is getting in the way of my training FUNK! I picked up some Amino Vital so will see how this works out and the guy the tri store gave me a couple of samples of some other amino recover pills and I bought a Hammer Recovery packet, ever Tried it??



Stef said...

Very COOL bag! I love Run Bike Swim. The only thing wrong with it is that it is very far away from Boulder City.

If you are talking about Hammer Recoverite I use it all the time and really like it. Hope it works for you.

S. Baboo said...

Cool, I just got myself a new Blue Seventy transition bag.

Never tried any of those recovery products but have had great luck with EAS protien powder.

JohnnyTri said...

Been taking EAS protein shakes in the AM for breakfast with fruit and stuff, maybe i need a little more through out the day tho. Right now I'll take anything that works!!

cool bag, blue 70!!


SWTrigal said...

Of course you know you are going to kick yourself when you see the cool Ironman transition bag/backpacks at IMCDA Expo.
JT-have you tried FRS? It is what Lance uses and I take it before a workout and I swear it gives me energy (obviously forgot it at Rage :)) It comes in liquid and chewies. I like them both.

Bigun said...

did you give your old School Back Pack to your girlfriend? What with all the hard courses going in to Sr. Year, and gym class, she could use it. Enjoy the Amino Vital...