Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Blow your shoes...and new PR's!

Ok, how many of you have gotten caught in the rain and then wet home to blow dry your shoes so you could run the next day? That was me last night. As I got to the park it wasn't even looking like it was going to rain. I changed and hit the trail and about half way through the run it started to rain. As I was running I caught up to this lady named Rachel and her running partner Willie, a toy poodle. Turns out Willie does not like the rain and thinks he is going to melt and began to hold back on the leash. As I got close to them I yelled out "Tell mom to bring you rain gear next time!" Rachel said that he did not like the rain one bit as she picked him up and began to run. I was like wow, running with your poodle, maybe this should be a new event or something. As the rain really began to come down she continued to run next to me and began talking and asking questions about running. As I answered she then put Willie back down and he began to run being as he was already wet and I'm sure his brain was spinning from being jarred up and down as she ran with him. As we continued to run the pace seemed to quicken, not sure it was due to the rain or just talking. At mile 2 I ran a 10:45 and said that was a fast mile for me. Rachel had said that it was amazing how many people were running before it started raining and then all of a sudden the park was cleared with only the few that couldn't make it to there cars fast enough (me) or the diehards (me). I thought about that for a moment and realized that she was right, where the hell was everyone at! Continuing on down the trail loop we were nearing the parking and Rachel said that she was parked on the end and she and Willie were turning off, Thanks for the conversation she shouted, yeah, I replied back, have a great evening. As I continued on I hit mile 3 at 10:05! Which meant my overall time for 3 miles was 31:30! Sweet a PR and in the Rain! Got back to the car, changed and then talked to Coach Lionel who told me that swim class was canceled due to the weather (outside pool).
Got home watched the CMA's and grabbed the blow dryer to begin drying my shoes and inserts so I could run in the morning. Ok, as I am drying me shoes I'm thinking how many others have done this just so they could run again in the morning. I thought, some probably have 2 or more shoes and can let the wet ones dry off, some won't run in the morning cuz there only shoes are wet and others, like me, are blow drying or throwing them in the dryer. Finally, they were dry and off to be I went. At 5am I was up and out the door back to the park. I started running and was feeling really good so my planned run was 6 miles and arriving later than planned I knew I did not have time for the full 6 because I had to get back home, shower, change, and go Vote! All before taking daughter to school. So as I was running my first mile came in 11 mins and thought hey that was quick lets pick up the pace. Mile 2 at 10:39 and mile 3 at 10:09 with a totally of 3 miles in 30:44! WHAT, NO WAY!! another PR!!!!!! Two days in a row! I guess that lay off of two weeks helped.
What a great day! New PR for 3 miles, Voted, and it's sunny! and Picking up my new Motorcycle tonight! Rockon`


Steven said...

Looks like we both got hammered by Mother Nature's tears yesterday.

But my shoes are still wet today.

Allez said...

Good job on the PRs! Maybe it was worth it having down time from being sick? :-) Have fun with the motorcycle!

Charles said...

I just run with them wet, maybe that is just me. Congrats on the PR's! That's great!