Friday, November 17, 2006

The mind can think

It's finally Friday and the weekends here, let's all have a drink and let the good times roll!!! So basically this week I have totally blow off swimming, why? Not really sure why just didn't feel like it, is that a reason? The weather has gotten a little colder which is fine with me and I really don't mind it while running. Tomorrow is my 12 mile run and I plan I getting it in early so it is projected to be in the low 50's, not bad really.
Anyway, the weekend is here and it's time to get the bike out and do a little riding! I have been aimlessly shopping for my exhaust system and the best price, I could almost buy a new tri bike for the same amount! And who said owning a motorcycle was not expensive. It's like starting triathloning without any equipment, no shoes, shorts, bike, helmet, water bottles, etc... you get the point. Once you get most of everything you change things every now and then and it's about the same for a new motorcycle, gotta buy new exhaust and make it louder (loud pipes save lives), back rest for passengers, and some new chrome parts.
As for the rest of thing in life, why is it that when you really think things are moving along they are either really passing you by or not going anywhere? Make sense? As I get older I look to see where I am in my life and where I wanted to be at this age and realize that I either got passed by or never moved. Now most things in life are based on your choices and decisions and those lead to achievements and/or accomplishments. I love life in general and feel we are all very blessed in one way or another and always look to the next chapter, but I wonder if letting life just glide along and write it's own chapter with you in the middle or write the chapter with your life in the middle. OK, so no, I am not going through this mid life crises thing, heck, I'm only 35 and plan on living to a 100 so not even close to mid-life, just things to think about for the future.
As the new year approaches I remember some of the goals I set out for in 2006 and it's sad to say but most were not accomplished. I ask myself why and it only leads to the answer of "lack of follow through" I just plain didn't do what I said I was going to do or started and just didn't finish. So thinking about 2007 I am already going to be planning and working harder to stick to my goals and dreams. I think sometimes our goals/dreams are watered down by the ones closest to us without the realization that they just squashed something you really had in your heart to do, now we can say not to let them get to us but come on, we all now that our loved ones are our harshest critics and we take that criticism very personally and hard. But what about the goals/dreams that I want that can effect others close to use either in a good or bad way. Now good ways are easy because there is no retribution or effect but the bad ones can have all adverse reactions and cause an up roar, so does that mean not to do them? Don't get me wrong I am not trying to be selfish here but just saying for example to all us Triathloners that your spouse said NO MORE TRI's! No swimming, no biking, no running. Then what would you do? (not that this has happened to me just an example, my wife say knock your self out with all that tri stuff) I guess you would need to determine the out come if you didn't stop and then determine if that out come was worth continuing or giving it up, but my point here is, How can you give up something you have always wanted or have been doing or it's been a part of your life or you wanted to start doing? Just don't make sense for one person to not support another in something that is so passionate to them even if you don't agree with it. OK, I could go on and on but just wanted to get that out there and off my chest. I guess I have just been thinking, what else do you do on those long runs and bike rides? Rockon`

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