Friday, November 03, 2006

LoneStar Bike Rally Galveston

Yesterday the official start of the Lone Star Rally in Galveston kicked off. It was windy and a little cool out but that didn't stop 10,000+ motorcyclists to start heading that way. There are expecting 300,000 motorcycles this weekend which makes it larger than Galveston Mardi Gra or any other event they hold in G-town. I will take pictures and post next week. But I must admit something that I didn't think would ever happen. I met this lady yesterday and something about her sparked my eye. As I looked at her I was very aroused by her shape. I mean, it wasn't something that most of us haven't seen before but it was something new and she just stood out. I tried not to stare but just couldn't help myself and knew that if looks were words, I would be in trouble. I thought my wife would totally kill me if she saw me looking at another women the way I was and I wouldn't blame her but I couldn't help it. As she looked back at me she smiled and just kinda blew me off as she knew her personality was in control. I mean, what was I supposed to do, it was like I was in a trance or something. Anyway, after my friend, Tony, introduced me to Penelope, I was a little more nervous than not knowing who she was but as my friend said, hey, get to know her because she is fun to be with and can take care of you if you watch out for her. I kinda thought he was talking about something else the way he said it but didn't let it bother me. After standing there and talking with Tony while Penelope was being quite he told me to go ahead and touch her, that it would be ok. Now wait a minute! I thought. You don't go and ask a married man to be touching another lady unless theres trouble to be getting into and I was not looking for trouble but also knew I could not resist touching her as she just looked so smooth, her skin shinned in the sun and was there just acting like she was inviting me. I wanted to touch all over but knew touching around the rear would get me in trouble very fast but what the Hell, If your gonna go down, Go Down Swinging! I leaned over and touched her back, she just stood there, no movement or noises as I expected but being as she was sitting there quietly I understood her response. As I walked around to the other side of her Tony leaned over and said go ahead as me pointed towards her. I said again to myself, damn it, I can't believe this is her and he's so open and trusting me, let alone her. As I finally talked myself out of being nervous and decided this was it, I was going to make my move but it had to be quick and without hesitation. BAM! I did it! I swung my leg over her as she sat there and sat down quickly! AGGHHHH! She felt nice, warm, comfortable and fit me just like you want a lady to. I was finally sitting with Penelope, Tony's 2002 Harley Davidson Road King Custom! And it felt great! ( Hey, what were all you thinkn`!!) This is the beautiful bike Tony, aka, TIDO, is lending me for the Rally as my new bike is not ready. After a few details about Penelope we started her up, let her warm up and we rode off together. I was still nervous but I was able to take control after a while and as 2 became 1 we felt great together. I rode home and tucked her away and this morning we were back out in the 50* cold running down the highway! As the weekend goes we will share many miles together and will take pictures of her. Have a great super weekend!!! Rockon

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