Monday, November 20, 2006

(WTF)...12 miles down, yea!

OK, so I got up late on Saturday morning and so I had to change my run time to later on in the afternoon. So at 3 pm I hit the road with my fuel belt full and 3 gels. It was about 72* sunny and just pretty good weather. With 12 on the books I new I was in for about 2 1/2 hours of running so starting off easy was the key and keeping it steady was the goal. After 3 miles my heart rate was already pushing Zone 3 levels which I did not want so early in the run. I had to attribute the higher HR to the warmer temperature and probably starting a little too fast, so I slowed down and searched for the shade as much as possible. This seemed to help over the next 3 miles as I was able to keep in Z2. Somewhere around mile 6 my right thigh became really tight and I could feel it with every step. I stretched it a few times but knew it was not going to relax so I kept running. As the sun kept shining it felt a little harder to run being as the temps I have been running in have been in the 50-60's so I kept hydrating at all the water stops along the route. As I made the turn around and headed back I was feeling very hungry! Damn, I wanted some food! Only gels and Gatorade were on the menu. After the turn around the sun began to go down and the temperature began to drop which was great and I noticed my HR that had been bouncing between Z3-Z2 was staying at the top of Z2. At mile 10 I passed Starbucks and seriously wanted to go in and grab something to eat but I didn't have no cash on me and I only had 2 miles left so I kept going. At the end of the 12 miles rolling in at 2 hours and 18 mins I felt good just freakn' hungry! I grabbed a protein bar and drank some water, stretched, changed clothes and headed home.
Sunday we had a great family dinner, an early Thanksgiving for my daughter Brittany who will be out of town on Thursday with her grandparents. The dinner was great with Turkey and all the stuff that goes with it, totally Yummy! BTW, I cooked the 20 lb turkey with butter, lemon pepper, garlic salt and powered and 1 CORONA beer! HAHA, sunk that in with no one looking, oh wait, no one was freakn away when I started cooking the bird! haha. It came out really good and had nice compliments from the family, believe me, one year I over cooked it and dried it out and they told me about it.
Then I noticed that afternoon that I started feeling a little weird, like a cold coming on again! WTF!!!! I don't have time for this crap. Today, I wake up with clogged nose and scratchy throat! So I hit the local store from some cold medicine, vitamin C and over all multivitamins, took them all at one time too, OD on vits! So my legs feel tight today being as I didn't stretch at all yesterday and will get my run on tomorrow with 4 miles, 6 on Thursday and another 12 on Saturday and then begin my taper for the Las Vegas 1/2.
Hope your knee is feeling better Allez!


Allez said...

Way to go on the 12 miles! Sorry to hear you might be getting sick again. I'm still limping :-(

Charles said...

Take easy if you are getting sick! Better to skip a day and get healthy then push and still be getting over the cold on race day. That would suck! Have a great holiday!