Monday, November 27, 2006

Running and Toys for Tots ride..

Yesterday was great motorcycle ride for Toys for Tots sponsored by the Blue Knights Galveston chapter. These guys really know how to put on a motorcycle event which totally helps kids! The ride started from Hooters at Nasa Road One on I-45 and went down to The Spot on Galveston seawall.
The ride was very well organized from the aligning of the bikes, to easy registration, to totally blocking all exits on I-45 all the way down to Galveston for all the motorcycles. There were about 350 bikers which strung out for about 3 miles going down the highway, way cool! Here are a few pictures from the ride. A few friends to hang out with and the local Doggy Bar, cant forget about Fido!
So a great big Thank you to the Blue Knights for a Wonderful Toys for Tots Ride! Can't wait till next year!
Now for Today's running. I was able to get 4 miles in without any problems! I still feel stuff but no other problems so running the 4 miles was the start of my last 2 weeks till the Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon. The end of this week it is going to get colder here so I am planning on getting my last long run during the week and just keeping a few shorter runs during the next week.
Gald to hear Allez you are getting better with that pesky knee problem, hang in there and hope to see ya in H-town!


Steven said...

Looks like the ride was a blast.

Ahhh...shirtsleeve weather...that seems so very very long ago...

Allez said...

Will you be doing some vacationing in Vegas too, or are you going just to run?