Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cough, sniffel, yuk!

Once again all I seem to have gotten sick, actually, I probably was never really over it in the first place and for some reason it is trying to come back and effect my right ear! Damn it, I say! So I got some meds and started taking them yesterday. As for training, well, it has been very little. I got a 4 mile run in on Monday and was planning on hitting 8 on Weds but that didn't happen. So now only 11 days out from the run and flyn out next weds this sucks and makes me a little nervous as far as my run ability. I mean, I feel I have done the distance but it has been a few weeks ago so with being sick just makes me wonder how my run will go, although, I am not going to set any records, just run and see what happens and have tons o fun! Vegas will also be a time to have some fun! My parents live there so along with 8 other family members, oh which, 6 have never been to Vegas, we are going to have some fun and sight see as much as possible. My brother in-law, Gerado, is a huge Roller coaster freak, as I am, so we will be hitting all those over the week, pics to come following. As for now, it's take my meds, get some rest and just relax. I guess I can increase my reading over the next week. Have a great day all.!! Allez, keep working on that knee!!


Jill said...

I swear - the same thing happened to me. I am sick again. And very "sick" of being sick!! Get better soon, and I am sure all will be okay for the half in Vegas.

Allez said...

You'll do great in Vegas! I'm making progress on the knee :-)