Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Updating a Slackers Blog

Hey all, sorry I have been slacking the last few days, wait, since last Wednesday but since then I have finally got a picture of my new ride, Honda VTX1300C. It's all stock right now but will be adding a back rest, new louder exhaust system (loud pipes save lives) and a new seat. Of course will add more chrome and little things like that. So if Triathloning is not expensive enough I now have something else to help keep me BROKE! Haha. Thank you Lord for providing me with blessings! As for training, I got my long 10 mile run in thanks to some fine tuning from Steven, thanxs bro. As for swimming, I have been totally slacking. Today was a short 3.5 mile run with tomorrow's run planned at 6.5 and Saturdays planned at 12. A big thank you to Jill for the Christina Aguilera music and manning the water station on the route for TNT'ers. The weather is getting ready to turn colder the next few days so it will be interesting as far as runs go. My daughter is going out of town with her fathers grandparents over the Thanksgiving holiday so we are planning an early turkey day this weekend so that should be nice and looking forward to it. Happy Birthday to my brother in-law, Gerado, turning a young 46. This guy is full of life and loves to ride his Honda 750 Aero in heat, cold, snow, rain or shine! Sorry to the UT fans who lost to K-State this past weekend (your just lucky the other boys played so poor or else the score would have been worse) And a BIG Congrads to the Husker for tipping out the Aggies in a 28-27 shoot out. Good thing that 12th man couldn't get the best of the Huskers! Also sorry Steve about your Ducks, what happened? My thoughts and prayers are with you Allez and your Grandpa to recover. Rockon`


Allez said...

Cool bike. Thanks for the thoughts and the advice with running!!! :-)

Steven said...

Sweet ride!

And I was glad to help out with the running distance issue. Ask anytime!

And the Ducks - the didn't do very well did they. They are not having the season I thought they would. Maybe my Blazers will though!

Anonymous said...

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