Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Day above the Rest.

Its nice to be alive. After going through a day of totally feeling bad from eating something not cooked so well, (to my own fault) I have recovered and am feeling good today. Its amazing how our bodies work and don't work with certain foods. As IM Able stated in the comments, "our bodies are so very good at reminding us who is boss."
As I realize its nice to alive no matter how you feel. I deal with certain patients throughout the day that are really down because of there injuries and there lack of abilities to perform daily activities and I always have to comment to them that things could be worse. Living and enjoying family and friends despite the injury to these patients is something to look forward to every day. Most are optimistic and do realize that things in there lives are better than what they give it credit for.
Today, I will attempt to go swimming tonight being as I feel much better. The weekend is coming and this weekend's plans include my daughters homecoming dance on Saturday and the start of the LoneStar Motorcycle weekend. It looks as if I will be getting my new two wheeled motorcycle to be picked up on Saturday but I will also be borrowing a friend/patent's motorcycle for a couple of days as well. Tido, is a great guy and will post more on him and his out standing personality and motorcycle once I get some pictures.
I have received information from AT&T that my house phone is working and that means I can now post the pictures for the Ironstar wet suit stripping fiasco!
Have a great day all!!


Steven said...

Glad your feeling better, John!

Be more careful what you eat...or how you time!

JohnnyTri said...

It was cookin that did me in! damn, i guess im fired! sorry