Tuesday, February 06, 2007

and Tuesday it is.. enjoyin it as much as I can..

What a great picture!
I got my swim on yesterday afternoon at the gym pool and ended with a workout of 750y not including my kick board and pull buoy sessions, I was happy with it.
This morning after dropping my daughter off at school I headed to a different gym with a pool and when I got there the sign said Aqua Class at 8:30am, it was 8:10 so I changed like lightening and jumped in and started warming up.
Come 8:30 there were two ladies already in the pool working out and doing there thing in the far lane and I didn't see anyone else showing up so I kept swimming with the understanding that I might have to get out at anytime. Well come 8:40 and no one is there and the other 2 ladies left and what do you know, JohnnyTri was done with his 1100y swim!!! I had scheduled 1000 but couldn't remember it was 1200 or 1000 so I split the difference, 1100! I totally worked on swimming easy and relaxed, so for me that was warming with 2 x 100's then a set of 25,50,75,100 with only a 15 second rest b/t the 25,50,75 and 30 seconds b/t the 100. Then I reversed the order and it was 100,75,50,25 and bam! 500 yards done. Then I focused on 1 x 200 which started out as 2 x 100's but I felt good at the end of the first 100 so I kept going and made it a 200. Then I just finished up with 2 x 50's. Again, I worked on staying relaxed and although I was swimming slowly I guess you can say it was an endurance swim for me, works out fine. Then I changed and hit some lower body weights for about 20 mins, not too heavy because I am getting my run on this afternoon.
I must say it is nice being able to complete 2 workouts a day but in the back of my mind I feel I should be working and it drives me nuts! I know it's only like a week or so but still. You know how we are and when things change unexpectedly it can really reek havoc on your emotional side, which I must say a Big Thank You to my wife for understand and reassuring it will all workout.
So What's up for the rest of the day? Gotta run to the library and check on a few books I have been wanting to get and then rest, lunch, prepare for afternoon run and maybe get some motorcycle riding in, it is totally nice here today and for the next few days.
Catch ya all soon...!!!


SkiRough said...

I love the old ladies in the pool. It's nice to know that swimming truly is a "lifetime sport." Probably someday I'll be an old lady in the aqua class and look wistfully at the triathletes kicking butt in the fast lane!

momo said...

ya know, the off time is probably good for you. it gives you a good appreciation for your work and how much you like it, but also gives you an opportunity to play mr. mom a little AND get your workouts in during the day.

what kind of motorcycle do you have?? we have a bunch in the garage right now. i don't ride, but my hubby and son both do. dirt and street.

tri-dogmom said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! I read your Tuesday blog about swimming. You lucked out with the class being minimal. At my gym, the water aerobics classes are SO big, and the people in it are not the most friendly. They will remove your swim lane while you are mid-lap, even before the swim starts. Drives me nuts! Anyway - enjoy your break from work & the non-rushed training!!