Friday, February 09, 2007


you ain't got no job, you ain't go shit to do!! haha. I wish that was true! What's up folks!
Thanks for the heads up on the cycle shoe/foot problem as the consensus seems to be a cleat problem, I will get that checked.
Update: Yesterday's am track workout was really a first time actual track workout. I did several sprints of 440m and 210m keeping track of my times, resting times and heart rates. It was tough and I was huffn and puffn and sweatn but it was all good!
So today is my scheduled day off or resting from workouts but I must say I changed my swim from yesterday to tomorrow for a couple of reasons. 1st, I received word that I was 1 of 5 people selected to continue for the sports chiro position and that I would be receiving further details on what was to come next. WOW! I was pumped! So I was scheduled to swim in the afternoon but now I was checking my email like every 30 seconds for the other info and finally it arrived. Basically, I had to return to the office and pick up a packet and learn the information requested and will continue on from there, so I have another week before the next step. So now that I am totally excited, nervous and anxious I cannot focus. I wanted to go swim but I just wasn't thinking about it anymore so I changed it to Saturday.
Today I took my daughter to school and picked up my packet and now have started to review/study the information I need to know. It's stuff I learned while in school, hugmm, 9 years ago! and so now I need to get it down again! I'm very excited at the opportunity I have hear and very grateful to the Lord for providing it.
So this afternoon I will continue on my study path, take it easy from workouts and focus on what needs to be done as the workouts will always be there, not that I will stop workouts but 2x's will probably become 1x/day for the next week, ya know?
Also I am still being Mr. Mom and taking care of the house hold stuff, dinners, laundry, cleaning, dishes to make things easier for the family and wife.
Anyway, Gotta get back to studyin` ... keep me in mind.... thanks!!


momo said...

i'm going to do a little track workout this week coming up, too. i haven't done track in ages! it feels good afterwards, doesn't it?? even though it hurts like heck when you're doing it... :-)

i'll be thinking about you! make sure to let us know how it goes, study hard!

mishele k said...

Congratulations on the job prospect! I'll keep you in my thoughts.