Monday, February 05, 2007

Got Monday..

It's Monday and for someone who doesn't have to go to work today it is really driving me nuts! Guess I am just not used to such a thing and really don't want to get used to it. Today, I stick with my family routine and get up, fix breakfast and take my daughter to school. Traffic totally sucked on the way there and back and I took some back road to get to the gym but on the way there I changed my mind about swimming early and stopped by my house. I got my bike trainer set up inside in the living room and cycled for an hour while watching the Matrix Reloaded.
Yesterday, I rode the trainer under my car port outside for about 40 mins and it was great. I did have to do some seat adjustments because the seat was totally putting me to sleep down there. So a few adjustments and today when I rode it seemed to help out although I did notice that my butt was sore just from sitting on the saddle, wow, I am outta tune with the bike thing. I guess that is what happens when you use the gym stationary bike with the nice wide glide seat.
So after my 1 hour trainer ride while watching the Matrix Reloaded it was lunch and some emails, blogs, updating training schedule and then it will be off to swim.
One thing I am also concentrating on is helping out around the house alot so my wife can just really relax while I have this short pause for the cause, it's the least I can do.
Anyway, I will catch you all later.. Oh yeah, How about the super bowl? It was good the first half but then I found it boring the 2nd half which totally caused me to continue eating and snacking and then becoming way over stuffed!!!
Totally was jammin` with Prince during the half time show!! I think he rocks! I have gone to see him every time he has come through H-town. Loved the commercials too. I really like the Blockbuster one with the rabbit and him clicking the mouse, poor lil`guy! funny tho.
C-ya..!! rockon`

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