Saturday, February 10, 2007

See Friday..

OK I have been studying pretty good today but it was more than I thought it was going to take. My little rusty brain has had to shift gears which it really hasn't been in that gear since school.

Anyway, I did happen to not go to my scheduled workouts but I really must get this stuff down, feel comfortable and confident with it so my workout will just have to wait a day or so. Not like I am going to totally regress or something in a week, probably will do my body good resting.

Oh and as a break I been reading this book, actually, I started reading it Thursday and finished 1/2 of the book (it's 2 stories, one on the right side of pages, the other on left side) and completed it last night. I was totally hooked on how this lady named Michelle had to earn a Million Bucks Cash in 90 days! That's right, 90 days! So now I am reading the left side of the book which talks about the principles of being able to earn a million.

I will update once I fully finished, great right side story though.


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