Thursday, February 01, 2007

Whats up people!!

Good Thursday to you all. Sorry, have not posted the last few days but the schedule has been busy with daughter's school after work on Monday and Tuesday and last night I just got home late, ate and went to bed.
So after missing yesterdays scheduled workout I knew that was coming but that's OK because I am not going to fret over it, just move on to the next workout, try to stay consistent. Today, was swimming time. So I got to the pool and wonderful, no aqua class, matter of fact I was the only there and had the whole pool to myself for about 20 mins before someone else showed up.
Today's swim was 650 yards for my main set and here is what I did:
100 warm up
500y = 25,50,75,100,100,75,50,25 w/25sec rest b/t each.
3 x 50's w/25sec rest.
Bilateral Breathing w/buoy 300 yards
6 x 25 kick boards
Total yards = 1200 yards.
I also realized that my kicking sucks and I was barely able to make it across the pool without stopping and I am going to work on kicks every time I swim.
Overall, I was completely happy with my swim, not only for just completing it but I was feeling better, more confident and I was able to work on bilateral breathing which I totally suck at but it's getting better. I did just a 50y after using the buoy which I didn't count today just to get the feel of swimming and breathing bilaterally without the buoy.
Today, I also have a great interview with another local Chiropractor so pray for me, wish me luck, light a candle or what ever you do cause I would really love to be working with this doctor. I won't be too specific for now until I know further details.
Have a great day everyone!!!


mishele k said...

Oooh, good luck with the interview! :)

mishele k said...
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Sarah said...

Kicking wears me out too! I don't use my legs all that much -- which is good for triathlons since it saves them for later, but I feel like they should be stronger.

I need to start practicing bilateral breathing. At the moment I only breathe to the right.