Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend recap.mostly reading/studyn`

Hi all. Monday, the last one of February, can you believe that! Where does the time fly. For a weekend recap. Friday, started with packing up a late afternoon lunch (tuna sandwiches - lent season, no meat on Fridays) and a few other goodies and meeting up with my wife at Memorial park where I run and watch the Trail Riders come in for the start of the BBQ cook/Rodeo! I have lived here 10 years and never been down there to watch them. It's basically just relaxing and when they come by, wave and take pictures and they thank you for supporting them and coming out, I have a nice time. And the car fire we got to watch was cool too!
Saturday, was spent with most of the day studying/reading until about 6pm when we then went to the BBQ Cook Off and meet up with Randy and Marina and couple of there other friends. It was pretty amazing to see all the different booths and how people really go all out and design themes, music, decorations for this cook off. So we hung out at the booth where Marina works and then went to another one where one of her friends got us in. Oh ya, you pay to get in to the overall BBQ cook off ($6) which is fine and you can have a good time but in order to get into the Booths, which are really private parties, you have to have tickets or a band which only comes from someone who works for that company. Anyway, we stayed there till 11pm then headed out to a local sports bar and shot some pool and got home kind of late, but it was a great time!!
Sunday, again was spent reading and relaxing. Mostly I was outside reading because the weather was totally Awesome, I even got a little tan!
Today, Monday, will be reading notes and reviewing material from the 2nd round as tomorrow at 2pm is Game On!
OK, so your maybe wondering where the heck is all the triathlon training, well, there hasn't been none. Believe me I have really wanted to go do something but it gets me to think that taking a couple of hours to go do something I could be using to read/study. So for now I just have to put it on hold, besides, it's really only 1 more day because Wednesday I will be free and ready to get back to a few workouts!
Again, thank you all for hanging in there with me and coming along for the ride!!!


Allez said...

Good job sticking with the studying... you seem very disciplined!

JohnnyTri said...

I want it more than I can say!! Its that deep deep want! So you do what you need to, to get it!

IM Able said...

You're going to do SO GREAT tomorrow!!!!!!!

I'm rooting for ya!

I belong anywhere but in between... said...

You have worked so hard for this, walk in there tomorrow KNOWING that you are the man for the job. Your presence and confidence will convince them of the same!



Steven said...

I can't wait to hear how it goes. You're going to WOW them.