Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday post 2nd round...

interview process that is. I was nice to be done with 2nd process of the interview round and although I studied way more than what was asked I enjoyed what we did. It was relaxed and not as specific which made it more enjoyable to go through.
Now, how did I do? Well, after being nervous, of course, I messed up on a couple of things but out of the 4 other people there, we all messed up. I really not feel it was a practical to get everything correct, it was more of a how is your personality and what kind of person are you. Tense, serious, relaxed, easy going, out going, etc.. Overall, I feel I did good but it's really up to the hiring guy and his staff to make the decision as to which 3 advance to the final round, which, will not be decided probably till Tues or weds of next week, (sucks!) but in the mean time I will get back to some training.
As if you haven't noticed, I have not done anything since last week! It's OK. I am getting ready to head out now for a 4 mile run even though it's about 39* outside, I know, I know, some of you would take that with a coke and smile right now but that's still cold for here. I'm just gonna dress warm, besides I gotta go clear my head and suck in some air for my poor brain which I have been sitting on (joke) for the last 5 days!! Refreshing picture for my mind as well!!
C-ya soon....!! What's up Steven, MoMo, Allez, IronSnoopy, SkiRough, IM Able, Joseph, Sarah, and ever1 else!!! rockon`


Andy said...

Hey Johnny,
Just hit NEXT BLOG and yours came up. Do you shave your legs for cycling purposes or just cause you like shaving them?

JohnnyTri said...

I actually have this anti-body hair problem! been shaving since highschool.. if thats wierd or not.. just me..

Andy said...

There's weirder shit than that going on in the world.
I visited Houston in 1986 with my school choir. We stayed in Missouri City, went on to Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. In MC we stayed in a house on the same street as the drummer from ZZ Top. Great memories.

I belong anywhere but in between... said...

Hey Johnny,
I'm following Andy around - I am partial to him since my hair is the same color as his Irish Setter!
Interested in your advise - I am training for a 10K (played soccer in High School and College)which is the first long run I have done. I am basically doing it to support a friend who is trying to loose some weight. She asked me today if we should start eating differently - I was going to do research on the web and I found you first. She is still just walking (the race is in June) and I am run/walking about 3.5 miles in 45 minutes. whatcha think?
Hope you stayed warm on your run tonight!

JohnnyTri said...

posted reply at your blog under Thursday.


Run was 1000% FANTASTIC!!


momo said...

sometimes a little time off makes for a great return... but 39 degreees? i'd be a popsicle. :-) our weather has been amazing here and its supposed to be over 80 for our ride on saturday!

can't believe they're stringing you out so long - has it only been two weeks? fingers are still crossed for you!!

Andra Sue said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Thought I'd come on over and say 'hi!' Yeah, 39 is too cold for me to do anything outdoors, too. I'm a weather weenie. :)