Friday, June 29, 2007

Confusion makes things clear.

I have been thinking about it for some time now. At times it makes my head hurt, other times it makes me excited, then I get scared and my stomach goes crazy, then I just finally stop thinking about it and focusing on something else. It's called Ironman.

For about 8 years I have been watching IM and truly fascinated by the human bodies ability to go through 140.6 miles of continuous effort. The training, money, time, and personal sacrifices IM requires. During the last 4 years I really knew that one day I was going to be an Ironman but when that day would come would be no time soon. As time marches on so does life.

My first triathlon in 2004 was a first timers tri, shorter than a sprint but I trained, went and had a great time! For some reason I never went back for more, I was afraid I guess. Lost in a huge world of age groupers and Clydesdale's, big expensive bikes, fast swimmers and runners. It was intimidating to say the least, hey, I was a weight lifter not a triathlete. So for the next 2 1/2 years I went back to weights and running short distance fun runs and my first marathon at the end of 2004. Last year I decide to run 2 half marathons and get back into triathlons.

I then found blog world and created 1 Step Closer 2 Ironman. I knew that my daily life would play out on the pages and 1 step at a time and some day it would lead to my title. Along the way I've met fantastic people and learned of others trials and tribulations, not only with triathlons but with life in general. The tri-blog land people are all trying to get to the same place within. They may do it at different venues but the desire to complete there 1st, 2nd or what ever it may be something is all the same. And we all help each other along the way through the good times and bad. I've been hooked on my blog community of friends from around the US and am very proud to be on there blogs as JohnnyTri.

Lately a few Ironman races were completed and several fellow bloggers were participating and I was cheering so loud they could hear me from H-twn. I love seeing others accomplish, it's just fulfilling but my desire longs just like the next person. I want to be at those races with them.

I loved how MoMo, IM Myles, Tri-Greyhound, Kona Shelly, Iron Will, and Geek Girl were all out there this past weekend giving it all they could and having fun. I was jealous but in envy. They all trained so hard and accomplished so much. Then for some, (like Bigun who was at home cheering from the sidelines like me) the day after there event went and sign up for IMCdA 2008 and yet again I am so proud of them for taking the step but once again jealous and feeling like the Bridesmaid and never a Bride as I once said. Then my man Bigun has to go and dedicate a full blog writing to all of the totally awesome people who are going to be having fun at IMCdA 2008 (no harm Bigun, page rocks.. read on) And I think to myself... I will be watching once again via the web in 2008.

As I first said I have been thinking hard, so much so since last week that it gives me a headache and stresses me out. I have asked questions to several bloggers and local coaches and still the answer does not come. I even talk with family and they don't have the answer. There is no looking for the answer when it's already there and you just don't see it.

Then in the last 2 days the it came more clear, cloudy at first, maybe hazy but there. As I started to see what I was looking for it began to clear up. Wait, I see two answers. TWO! NOOOOOOO I only need one!! Not Two! Crap! Now I'm confused with two answers. I have to focus on the two answers and feel which one is the correct one. Then today it happens! About 2 hours ago it just finally clears, sparkles and shines like the Big Dipper. What should I do? I can see it now.

And the answer is:

Thats right peeps, I'm in for 2008 Ironman Coeur d`Alene! And now there will be no cheering from home, it will be from the bike and run as I'm out there on the course with you MoMo, IM Myles, Bigun, Tri-G-dog, Blink140pnt6, Iron Eric, Curly Sue, Spokane Al, Boulder, DrBubba, Iron Tater, Geek Girl, TriDogMom, Bradster and Tea.

So now I can rest at ease, except for the occasional WTF did I do and freak out! I can focus and can't wait to take the next 357 days 1 Step Closer 2 Ironman!



Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

LOL!!!!! I KNEW you couldn't resist!!! Taylor is going to be so psyched when he gets home from his race today ( sick tummy couldn't go) YEAH!!!!!
You must have posted this late yesterday. I stopped by around 4 to see if you had joined yet....this mornin'g read is a nice "not - so - surprise"!!

Shelley said... just gave me the biggest bunch of goosebumps reading this!!!!!!! You will love the experience, the journey, the fun that IM offers..and best of all you know you have all of our support!!!! Way to go Ironbrother..:-))

Wil said...

So excited for you! You're going to have a great journey :)

Bigun said...

Yeeeeehawwww! That's awesome - we gonna step it out at 101 and then rock the house in CdA in 50 some-odd weeks - that's a cool post there and what's the worst that can happen? So it hurts a little....congrats on the step - it's a big one!

YDCTR, TRCY...BHS (that's some code for the Bold, he'll know what it means...

GeekGirl said...

I see our evil plan to divest of you your money and free time worked.


Welcome to the dark side, y'all.

momo said...

woot, what a party this is going to be! you're on your way, my friend! one step closer!

Myles said...

...and the mild mannered Johnny Tri swiveled slowly in his chair finger tapping air, eyes staring fixedly ahead he thought, "What have I done..." as the yellow ball of yarn rolled across the study floor propelled by the wild eyed kitten just behind. The end of innocence.

Molly said...


I look forward to following from day 1 to the race report - never forget to have fun!

Take Care!

TxTriSkatemom said...

woot!! I am so pumped to have another tri-blogger to follow all year and inspire me to Iron one day! Way to throw it down!

Andra Sue said...

HOLY SHIT!!! Congratulations. Seriously, you are one brave guy. Can't wait to read all about it. :-)

tri-dogmom said...

It's going to be an incredible year.... :-)

IM Able said...

I just got all tingly when I got to the 1 step closer to IRONMAN part!

You're such a star! I'm sooooo excited for you!!!!

Tea said...

yeah!!! I felt the exact same way. In fact, over ten years ago, i started looking into Tri's but I never did anything about it.

Now here we are! I can't wait to read about your training. We're in this together!

Comm's said...

If your going to smile on the bike and run, you had better train for it. Other than that you may not do it. :)

Good job pulling the trigger.

1HappyAthlete said...

Congrats - you just acheived the most challenging part of an ironman race: getting into one :)