Friday, December 01, 2006


"Its, Friday, you ain't got no job, you ain't got shit to do.." Hope you know the rest of the line, haha... It's actually cold here in H-town with the temperature this morning at 36* and feels like 28*, that's cold for us Houston folks. Anyway, my friggn cold is still hanging around and I have been on the meds for 2 1/2 days, but I am feeling better with the ear not hurting and the congestion comes and goes with minimal coughing. My ear is still kinda plugged up so when someone talks to me I am like an old grandpa and yell out "eehhh" It's kinda funny at times! Sucks not being able to run though and it's more of a mental challenge I think than anything. So this weekend is the Big 12 Championship game with Nebraska Cornhuskers taking on the Oklahoma Sooners. These two have had there day of rivalries in the past and this shoot out for the Big 12 should be a good one. First off, sorry to all you Sooner fans, I like you before Bob Stoops took over, he's a great coach and did great things for the program but can't stand his arrogance and yelling at the players on the field, just not my still, used to hate it when Steve Spurrier did that down in Florida. Anyway, I have to go with my lovely Huskers who could really use a win being as the change to the west coast offense and could prove that it is working for them. We shall see. So being as the colder weather was here I broke out my totally awesome Nebraska jacket! Picture on the right is a reverse pic in the mirror.
So everyone have a great weekend and try and stay health!!

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Jill said...

Well, I guess I know what my step-dad will be doing this weekend!