Tuesday, October 31, 2006

neck, back and stomach oh my!

Hey all. After the IronStar Tri I got home and found out that my house phone is out due to some AT&T problems which means my DSL is out so I cant post the tri pics yet but I will, should be up and working Weds. I also developed a wierd low back pain which has been totally annoying and then I ate something bad yesterday and today I am totally off my game and feel out of energy. I cant eat at this time and drinking water is a major accomplishment. If its not one thing its another. This totally stinks because this week is my increasing mileage for running but I cant even get out the door. I guess you have to submit when your body is NOT going to do what you want, period! OK, just want to add Way to Go STEVEN! Hey finished 2nd Overall and 1st in his age group! Due to the gail force winds the entire race had to endure it pushed Steve a little behind his goal of sub 3 hours but not to worry because Mr. Steve totally dedicated his time and training to getting there and as you read in his race recap he was not the only one to endure the wind! Rock on Steve!! And Happy Halloween to all today!

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IM Able said...

Oof. Bad food is never good. But you're wise to listen to your body. It's almost hateful to stay away from something you just *know* will make you feel good, but our bodies are so very good at reminding us who is boss. That is, of course, them.

Hope you're on the mend and enjoy the water diet! :)