Monday, December 18, 2006

Avoiding Injuries information.

I have been reading this book Marathon Running - The Complete Training Guide that I borrowed from my Dad's collection while in Vegas. I will give a full report once finished but I wanted to share the part on
Avoiding and Overcoming Injuries.
Proper tips for Avoiding Injuries.
1) Warm Up Properly. Come on, we all say we do but do we really take the time. In sessions where faster running or track work is to be done a good jogging warm up is essential. Raising the body temperature and heart rate followed by some easy stretching focusing on the muscles that will take the most stress in your upcoming training session. A good 20 minutes should be dedicated to this section. Once warmed up a few good strides are recommended to prepare your body for the stress it is about to undergo.
2) Warm Down Adequately. Now really how many of us actually do this. The same principles are applied here with an easy jog to cool down with gentle stretching. The benefit here is to allow the body to remove waist products (lactic acid) that has accumulated during your training session. Being as the muscle contract as you cool down it is important to stretch to reduce post-exercise stiffness.
3) Recognize the Importance of Rest. A must for every athlete of every kind. Fitness is acquired through a process of stress and recovery, stimulus and response. Rest cannot be left out at any costs.
4) Respect your own Limitations. If you are training with people who are faster, stronger, meaner, haha, than you, you must know your limits and not follow someone Else's training regimen or that there training will benefit your Goals!.
5) More is Not Always Better. By training more times or longer periods does not always equal better or higher fitness levels. More can lead to over training and injuries. At times, what you might need is MORE REST/RECOVERY.
6) Don't Play "Catch-Up". If you have to miss a few days for what ever reason, don't attempt to make up for lost time or add extra workouts during the day. Continue on track is your best bet. By adding extra days to play make up, you are setting yourself up for over training and/or injuries.
Tips for Overcoming Injuries.
1) Determine the Nature and cause of the Problem.
Musculoskeletal causes of injury include:
- muscle weakness or loss of flexibility. STRETCH. Weakness in certain muscles can cause problems in other parts of your body.
- overloading due to prolonged stress or repetitive stresses can lead to stress fractures.
- sudden wrenching or dislocations such as ankle sprains.
Environmental Factors that can influence the chance of injury.
1) Run on softer surfaces/terrain when possible as harder surfaces can cause Achilles and shin split problems; and possible sore Quads from running down hill.
2) Inadequate or Poorly-fitting shoes.
3) Insufficient Warm-up leading to muscle strains.
4) Dietary Habits (Dehydration or Glycogen can cause muscle cramps.)
Minor Injury's that can be self-treated depending on the nature of the injury.
1) Taking Anti-Inflammatory (Ibuprofen, Advil) or using creams (Biofreeze, Tiger Balm, Bengay, etc)
2) Follow first aid measures RICE. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. To help reduce swelling and bruising in the affected area.
3) Warming the affected area, then followed by gentle massage and stretching usually within 48 hours after injury
4) For blisters, drain fluid from area and keep dry and clean. Using a second-skin or Vaseline or tape to reduce rubbing.
5) Replace your Running shoes if tread or cushioning is worn.
Such great information that we all can use. I know we have all heard it, read it, seen it, watched it, seen others do it, so let's set time aside for ourselves and take the few minutes to stay health and avoid those injuries.


Allez said...

Good stuff to know :-) I'm sold on the warm up and cool down now!

Charles said...

The problem is that we all know this but we still don't do it. I warm up mostly because I find that I perform significantly better when i am warmed up, but I don't know anyone who really cools down properly. And we wonder why we get hurt. Thanks for the reminder!