Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday check in..

Hey all! Just stopped in really quick to say Hello and its great weather here in Vegas! No big money won so far, and have done probably way too much walking.
Picked up my bib number and t-shirt and packet and what a great Expo at the Mandalay Bay. The family and I have been walking all over and taking pictures so Lot's to report later on.
I hope my diet and the walking doesn't kill me. I haven't been eating that great but drinking lots of water, taking vitamins like crazy and a few corona's here and there and over there and maybe that way too! HaHa..
Race weather looks great, in the mid 40's. Again, being as I am not out to set any land speed or personal records I will enjoy my time walking and taking pictures with the family.
The Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam were totally way cool yesterday..
Have a great weeked!!
JohnnyTri is outta here...!!! (thats what I put on my race bib, its says JohnnyTri so cool!

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Charles said...

Have a great race!!!!