Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Flyn Time.Concert recap.

Well as we went to the concert last night, which, by the way was totally excellent! One of the thing that I have always liked about Enrique is that he is very personable with the audience. I have seen many singers and groups and they just come, perform, yell out the town's name there in and then there done. Enrique always seems to take the time, talk with people in the audience, bring people (girls) on stage and just make sure the crowd is always into it. I must tell you about this one part of the concert because if I was a girl I would have been yelling and screaming just like they were, but being as I am not, I really felt for the girl that he picked to be on stage with him. He started by saying to the Band that he was going to do something that they had not done in a while and asked Who what's to come on stage? Like everyone! So he pick this girl down front and the security guards pull her out of the crowd and help her to the stage but as this is happening another girl near the center part of the stage that stuck out into the crowd jumped up there and was trying to pull herself up there while the security was holding on to her legs and pulling her back from the waist and belt region, well, as she is holding on to the other side edge of the stage her jeans began to come down! Yikes! or WhoHoo! Just then Enrique See's this and tells the security to let her on stage and not hurt her. So he begins to help her up and as she stands up her entire ass is completely showing to the audience! No thong, no nothing, just a bare ass, so she is trying to pull her pants up and hold on to Enrique at the same time. Finally, that is all settled and he attempts to walk her to the back of the stage and she doesn't want to go, resisting and pulling back. She says some things in Spanish on the microphone and Enrique tells her that she is being rude and has to go, (way to go Enrique) so she starts to walk to the back with him and then turns and runs back to the center stage where the girl that he picked out is waiting and just stands there only for Enrique to turn and see a 3rd girl standing that who sneaked up on stage from the left side. So he gets a little pissed and tells the security, He security, we might as well just let everyone on stage, anyone who wants to come on stage, come on! So he takes the 3rd girl off the stage and then the ass girl still doesn't want to leave and asks the 1st girl if she can stay instead of her, yeah right, nice wishing though. So Enrique asks the 1st girl and she says NO, You Picked Me First! (the audience yells and cheers) So Enrique says let's take a vote, Who wants the girl I picked to stay on stage? Audience goes crazy cheering! Who wants this girl (the ass girl) to stay on stage? The audience boo's the heck outta her and she has to go!
So when all that mess is over he begins singing Hero. He starts walking towards the girl on stage and beings to sing directly to her, caressing her hair, face, arms and she is going totally bazerk! (This is where I was really glad she stayed and totally could feel for her) So he sang the whole song directly to her. At one point during the song he turned her around to face the stage so she could not see the crowd and could kinda just relax and enjoy it, she began dancing and just groove to the song while he sang right in front of her. Then he turns and walks towards the back of the stage leaving her standing there Center stage by herself. She waves at him, like what am I supposed to do. He waves back to her to turn around and look at the audience. As she does the crowd is screaming and yelling and then they turn the show/house lights up so she can see the entire crowd and then everybody goes really nuts!!! (My thoughts were that he really wanted her to feel and see what he feels and See's while he is up there, pretty cool) Then Enrique comes running from the back and grabs her from behind and hugs her and continues the song (crowd still going nuts!!) She is leaning back on him, with arms up over his head touching him like in a sexy seductive part from 9 1/2 weeks or something! As the song finished he turned her around and totally just kissed her! Can you imagine ladies, your most hotties singer pulling you up on stage, singing to you and letting you grab his butt and kiss you!
So once it was over and my wife finally stopped yelling Oh my God! and grabbing my leg and punching me I was totally thrilled for that girl. It will be a life time experience she will never forget! and the fact that she stood her ground and didn't give it up for the ass girl made it even better because if she had been nice and said OK, she would have regretted it.
So to the girl at the Enrique Concert that got sung HERO to, for that special time, you were a HERO in my Book!
Well being as I am leaving today for Vegas and got home late and still had plenty of things to get ready and this morning as well, I did not get my run in and so I will head to Vegas ready to run and maybe, just maybe take a 2 or 3 mile jog on Friday, but overall I am ready and will have fun running, jogging, walking or crawling to the finish line!
See you all in a week if I do not jump in to post a quick hello!
Allez, keep working on the knee region and have fun spectating at the White Rock, I know it's not the same as participating, but you can still have tons-o-fun!

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Steven said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all at the concert!