Sunday, December 03, 2006

fargenugin or something like that..

So the Huskers fell to the Sooners last night in the Big 12 Championship. Congrads to OU for a great game and a win. With Nebraska fumbling the ball on the first drive and OU taking control at the 2yd line and a 1 play for the TD was the start for up hill battle they faced all night. A total of 3 interceptions for the husker quarter back did not help and with the OU offense stacked on there 1/2 yard line, 3 down and 10 and to be able to convert and 7 plays later gain a TD is totally great for them. No one can take that away from there QB who did an outstanding job and can only say that the NU defense got picked apart, sorry guys, I love ya but things happen.
Anyway, after the 21-7 lose NU will play in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas and OU will move on to the Fiesta Bowl.
Enough of that. Today in the 43 degree weather I bundled up and headed out to for a run, the first in almost 2 weeks! It was able to get 4 miles in 48 mins and felt just fine. I felt as if I could have gone 6 or 8 but didn't want to push it just yet as I am still fighting the congestion crap! I can say that the only difficulty I noticed during the run was that my heart rate was higher than I wanted it to be and running at the top of my Z2 and Z3 which is about 156-158. Any time I hit 160 I stopped and walked, I even tried running slower but it seemed difficult to find that comfort level. Overall, a good run. Next run will be Tuesday morning with a 8 miler and than just rest or maybe a 2-3 miler on Thursday morning in Vegas. Not too much running as I know I am going to be doing a lot of walking around the couple of days prior to the run.


Allez said...

Its amazing how fast the heart rate is affected by taking off. The same thing happened to me when I went out this weekend. Enjoy your runs this week :-)

Marc said...

At least you have a team worth cheering for - my boys - Army - got the crap beat out of them, again, by Navy - good grief!!!