Sunday, December 10, 2006

Las Vegas Machine!!

Sweet, I posted a 2:40 time at the Las Vegas 1/2 today. It was cold and windy. Brief Recap. Race started about 6:20 am with about 15,999 runners and my Dad! He ran a 3:15ish at 6o years young! Great Job Dad! It was about 45* winds blowing 8-10mph so it made it feel colder, near 40*. First half of the run was great, all the way down the strip from the Mandala Bay to the Fremont Street to make the turn around. Once the turn around was made the wind which didn't seem to be a factor once we in between the hotels was now a straight in your face cold wind! Which caused my heart rate to immediately jump about 10/min. The back run was kind of boring with not much to look at expect fellow runners although there was music starting about the 8 mile which helped the time go by. One thing I think they could have done was marked the course. There was only like 3 places marked, I guess I was just looking for more. Rested for about 2 1/2 hours and now heading out to the strip again! I have probably walked about 26.2 miles or more by now. It's all good!
Here are some pics.
Last picture of my Dad and I back at home! Way to Go!!!!
More pictures to come.


bbieberitz said...

hey it looked like agreat race. Vegas has always been a dream of mine to do a run there. almost 15k people? That had to be impressive!

Marc said...

Cool photos - great job on the race - enjoy the rest of Vegas! Very neat to run a race with your Dad -

Allez said...

Great job!!!! I like the pictures! Why did the race start SO early?

Sarah said...

Congrats! Sounds like a great race.

JohnnyTri said...

race started early b/c they wanted the runners to experience the Strip with all the Lights! It was pretty cool!