Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tuesday.. 12-26-06

So hope everyone had a great Christmas and you were good and Santa brought you what you were wishing/hoping for. Somehow Santa missed my house with the new Tri-bike (haha).. maybe for my birthday!
Anyway, got my run on this afternoon being as I didn't have to go to work today. The run was great! It was a 5 mile up tempo run. I felt great running and during the first 4 miles my HR managed to stay in Z3 but after that it was in and out of Z4 and I could feel that I was sucking wind. I covered the 5 miles in 53:46 or 10:45/mi pace!!! That's a new PR everything for me!!!
Only about 3 weeks left till the Houston 1/2 so I have to focus on a couple of longer runs although I feel pretty confident in my ability to finish it will just depend on how fast.
Well I am taking the wife to see Dream Girls as she watched Casino with me last night on DVD! Love that movie and it was a stocking stuffer from Santa.
back to work tomorrow...boooooooooo!!!!


mishele k said...

Congrats on the tempo run... and not having to work Tuesday you lucky duck.

Sarah said...

Good luck at Houston! I'll be there as well. We should try to meet up for a sec, if only to say hello!