Monday, December 18, 2006

Easin` back.

into running today. I hit the treadmill for 30 mins which came to about 2.5 miles. It was an easy avg. 12min/mil. as I increased the pace the last 15 mins. I did notice a slight uncomfortable achyness to my right fibular head, which, is similar to Allez's. I hope she's doing better!
Anyway, got the easy run while keeping my heart rate below 153. I will run again a few more days this week to easy back into running as the Houston Marathon (my 1/2) is 27 days away. My goal over those next 27 days is to have 2 long runs of 10 miles and just some shorter mid up tempo runs and stay HEALTHY!!!
Saturday, the family and I went to get our Christmas tree. After about an hour of walking around the lot we found our tree, had them cut about 2 feet off the bottom as it was a 9-10 foot tree and would not fit the ceiling in the house but turns out they cut a little too much off the bottom and it came out a little shorted than we all wanted but still looks good!
Sunday, I rested from a long late night out with friends and then in the afternoon was able to hang the Christmas lights, ya, I know, I'm a little late compared to others in my neighborhood but I got them up. Only thing is, after looking at others, I realized my lights kinda suck and I need more and different colors or something but they will work for this year and will plan on picking up some new stuff for next year!
Overall, I finally feel rested and back in training mode. I really wanted to start running on Friday or Saturday but overall my mind and I think my body was still not ready. Mentally I think was more a challenge as the motivation was just not there. It's amazing when it's there we are like firecrackers but when it's gone, you can't even get a spark.
Have a great day all!! rockon`


Cookie Monster said...

Welcome back to training! I'm still enjoying my off season but in a few weeks will be back to the Ironman training! Good luck!

Sarah said...

You asked about which race I'm running in January -- I'm doing the half. I've done it in 2:15 and 2:18 in past years, but I haven't trained as well this year. I'm hoping for sub-2:25.