Thursday, December 28, 2006

I just dont get it!

So I guess most are still out on Holiday Vacation as the blogger posts on others pages have been few and far between, it's all good. I actually got to the gym yesterday and got a quick back workout in and work up this morning tight and sore. I actually forgot how it feels. One problem today is that I also woke up with a SORE THROAT!!! WTF!!! I can't believe I am trying to get sick again. This would be like the 3rd cold in about 2 months, I just don't get it. I remember last year and the previous years before when I was constantly working out and lifting weights with cardio sessions, taking vits, and supplements I was NEVER Sick! And now that I don't take as many supplements, still take Vits I get sick more. What Gives? Is it a different type of stress that the body takes on while run training vs. weight lifting or was it the simple fact that I was taking the supplements which contain various amounts of vitamins and minerals which helped my body recover. All I know is that I am going to back to more weight lifting and supplements. I also will be cleaning up my daily nutrition. Currently it is not the best especially during the holidays. And I have been getting plenty of sleep so I am missing an "x" factor in there somewhere that causes me to be more acceptable to cold bugs.
Enough about my So what is everyone doing for New Years Eve? We will be heading out to a birthday/new years party that is close to our house. It's a BYOB type thing with music and food so it should be fun. Can't get too drunk because I have to be in court the next day at 8 am for a freakn speeding ticket I got about 3 months ago! Along with Operating a Motor Vehicle under a Restriction ticket. OK, WTF is that you ask. Let me tell you. I have a restriction on my drivers license that states I wear Contact Lenses or at least I used too. I had Lasik correction in Feb 06 and was supposed to go to the DMV and retake the eye test to have it removed. When I got stopped for speeding 70/60 mph the officer was in a foul mood and asked me "Sir, are you currently wearing your contacts lenses? I immediately thought of 2 things. 1) I could lie and say yes, how was he really going to know unless he trumped me and shinned a light or something in my eyes and physically looked which would not have been out of the question being as he was in a pissy mood or 2) just tell the TRUTH as you should when speaking with an officer or so I have been taught. Then I thought if I don't tell the truth and he busts me he's going to give me another ticket for lying to an officer. So I just told him the truth "No sir, I underwent lasik correction recently and have not gone to change it" He said "Well, you should have already done that, I am going to have to site you for that infraction as well!" Can you believe that shit! I tell the truth and this sob gives me a ticket for some petty crap as drivers license endorsement. Anyway that damn thing costs $205 bucks! if you decide to pay it which I opted for not guilty trial by jury. So now I go to court on the 2nd. It's all BS because the last time I went there about a month ago for another speeding ticket (I know, I know, SLOW DOWN!) I had an attorney and they basically got it reset for another date in April where the officer agreed to dismiss the ticket. This time I will not take an attorney and just go on my own because they will either offer me to pay the ticket, take drivers class or go to trial, I thought about going to trial. Whats my defense? I wasn't speeding as I was in the center lane and I corrected my driver license so there. Haha.. would be funny because I am sure I would lose on a defense like that. I'll take my chances and go it alone on this ticket and see what comes about it, either way I figure I have to pay for the speeding and will probably let the drivers license thing go or at least I am hoping.
Well until next time....

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