Monday, March 19, 2007

Training Hours and weekend.

The weekend was nice heading out to San Antonio on Saturday early morning and just taking our time eating lunch, shopping and relaxing at hotel till the wedding. Nice, elegant, and simply wedding with great reception. Congratulations Joe and Brie Flood! The got married at the San Jose Mission.
Here are a couple of pictures of the grounds at the mission.
Being as I had rode long on Friday and Saturday was my rest day once we were at the hotel the girls decided to take a nap and being as I am not much of a napper I went to the hotel gym and did a 30 min workout although it took some time to keep changing the universal exercise machine, it gave me something to do other than sleep.
Sunday, woke up to a rainy drizzly morning and we woke up late so I didn't go run, my bad.
According to training schedule this week is a "recovery" week and so I have followed the plan and noticed from my beginner triathlete log that yes, this week I should be backing down on my training but I wonder and feel that I am really not training that hard where I need the recovery week but as the log shows all my numbers have increased over the last 3 weeks so it will be hard to follow it this week but I do have it laid out. With one exception, kind of. I kept the swimming just about the same, a little lower total volume each session but then added a shorter session on Friday of this week as I really need to concentrate on my swimming. The biking after the 42ish miles seemed really well and running I know will come be there once I get up distance back up, so not too worried about that at this time. It's the Swimming that I have to get in gear.
After completing the total training hours for last week and hitting the 10 hour mark I thought I would be training a lot more since I have time right now but then again you can't train 5-6 hours per day, or can you? Hum, make me wonder if I goof off too much now that I am off.
OK, I have to go swim!
PS. some Schmo stole the passenger backing plate to my mirror on my Murano this weekend in San Antonio!

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momo said...

oohh, i know how tempting it is to add things in, but stick to your schedule, johnnyt, later on, you'll be glad you did. your body needs the recovery weeks (or adaptation weeks as my coach calls them) even if it doesn't seem like it.

san antonio looks like it was fun - i love weddings!