Friday, March 23, 2007

Too much recovery, oops..and excitment on the way..

Being as this is my recovery week I actually think I might have taken too much recovery as the last 3 days I have not done anything sports related unless you count 25 mins on cycling on the trainer pretty easy. Not sure what has happened this week but somewhere I lost my mojo and just stepped back.
My wife did take a couple of days off work and I took her out on the motorcycle for a little afternoon ride and some lunch, which, was totally great because we had not hung out together in a while and it was duly needed. The down side to that was I think the air or something made her sick and the following day and today she is coughing and just plain sick, sorry Honey.
As the week finishes up I look to next week to get back on the wagon and continue with the training, maybe this recovery week was more needed than I thought because at the beginning of the week I was like I am going to be totally board with shorter rides and runs and less overall training, funny how the body is always in charge.
But now for the Excitement! Wait, I can't tell you yet so you will have to check back Monday to see what the weekend excitement is!! Oh, I know, leave you hanging but hey, I know you'll be back because curiosity and anticipation is a killer!
Thank you everyone for chiming in on the Chevelle and you are all so right, I need to put a plan together and go get it! I know, I know.


SkiRough said...

Oooh I'm excited, what is it, what is it?! Good job hanging out with the wife, must have been nice :) Hope she feels better!

I belong anywhere but in between... said... are mean...I feel like I do after a good episode of LOST!
Tell your wife that the ear nose and throat doctor told me the polon count in TN is 2,000 and 200 is high! Probably the same story in TX!

Andra Sue said...

Have a good weekend and enjoy the Texas Spring! Make sure to load up on Claritin! :)

TxSkatemom said...

big fat tease. whatever, dude. It best be good with all that buildup!

and the claritin rocks, I tell you what (although we take Wal-itin -- the Wally Martinez brand)

Allez said...

You got me curious!