Friday, March 09, 2007

Time for the weekend, Say What!

No really it is time for the weekend but not like that means I get to rest or time away from work or get to do thing I don't get to do during the week because I still have not landed a job! WTF! It's killing me not to be working and earning money for the family, ya know, but I will keep plugging away and I know it will come.
Take for example, on Thursday, the sports doc emailed me and was asking about my triathlon season, as he is into Sprints and perfecting his speed/transition times and was wondering which races I'm looking at doing because he would like to get together and do 1 or 2 together. Also, he asked if I was interested in working with the student athletes at my daughters high school as he has/had been working on the athletes but got too busy in his practice that he stopped going to help out the high school, so now, he has asked me if I would like to go and help. He would make the introductions and show me some of the things/treatment that he uses so I can start working with it on the athletes. This is all good as it can lead to landing the position in June when he is looking to bring another doctor on board, but I know, no guarantees. This will also depend on the times to work on the athletes as well, as another potential part time job might have me working from 11-6pm, great hours but not if it rolls over the time frame for the high school. Being as it's part time I might see if I can get the hours moved up, say 9-4 but will see how that goes.
Now on to important stuff, Training!!
Today, I hit the pool for planned 1000y but ended up swimming 1050. At the pool today it seemed everyone wanted to swim. There was a couple that just jumped in my lane (no big deal to me, but asking is better) and started swimming on the inside of the lane near the rope and they took turns leading. It was actually fine because it gave me practice swimming, passing, (yes, I actually passed them!) and following other swimmers in a close proximity and helped me really get my roll on as to not swallow pool water with all the waves. The other lane was being used by 2 other swimmers somewhat just goofing off.
Then I hit the weights for another upper body workout for about 35 mins and was outta there to roll down on the floor with Slim-n-6 Abs. It actually felt a little easier today but my abs sure don't look any slimmer, might be that Snickers I ate later in the day! ouch!

Started reading the Lance book, so far so good, Didn't know his original last name was not "Armstrong" (biologically) but doesn't claim the biological name (didn't know that either).

I also got this DVD from the library on Yoga for the Young at Heart. Thought I might check this stuff out in different forms as Steven seems be liking it, makes it sound interesting and it seems to be helping, so why not!

Have a great weekend everybody!!



SkiRough said...

I hope you love Lance's book as much as I did. You know, I didn't even think about having to practice passing people. Cripes. All this open water stuff freaks me out! Thanks for giving me something new to obsess over!
Keep me posted how you're liking the yoga video.

Allez said...

Crap! I haven't even opened the Lance Armstrong book yet! Yoga is GREAT!

Andra Sue said...

Um, yeah...I think a snickers cancels out the abs workout. :) Keep your head up, the right job will come along eventually. For whatever reason, it always seems like the good ones take forever to land!

momo said...

i haven't read that book yet, but i did read the first one and really liked it. have a good rest of your weekend! your swim sounds great, good idea to practice drafting just a bit!