Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What a lawn!! What a Run, and OH My Back!

So my lawn needed to be groomed, well, maybe whacked! It was long. This morning started out with a 3 mile run around Memorial park which it turns out was a totally awesome run.
Mile 1 = 11:50
Mile 2 = 10:50 (22:40)
Mile 3 = 10:11 (32:51)
Heart Rates:
Z1 = 5:42
Z2 = 20:54
Z3 = 6:15
calories 680
This was great. My heart rate stayed where I wanted it and I negative split each mile as planned, although I was a little faster than I planned, I was looking to negative split about 30 seconds off each mile, not a minute!! YaHOO!!
Then the freakn` lawn. OK, so I thought just mow it and be done but it needed edging and weed whacking so 4 hours later I'm done and my lower back is achyn`. Makes me realize I need to work on low back strengthening exercises, off all people, I should know right, being a chiropractor. Anyway, being as my back is fired up and it's time to go watch my daughter's softball game, I will reschedule my swim workout for tomorrow. It's all Good!
rockon` champs!
PS. forgot to mention that I wore my heart rate monitor during the lawn work and dang, talk about a cardio workout. My HR was running about 135ish, pushing that mower around for about an hour. OK, so I'm a geek. How else was I supposed to know what my HR was during all that work, but most are probably thinking why would you want to know, lol.


Bigun said...

I really hate lawn work...avoid it like the plague - the MRS does most of it, actually.

TxSkatemom said...

this is why we love our Mr. Stokes -- he's the lawn guy for pretty much our whole neighborhood. It is so worth farming out that job -- he does it so much better than we could.

are you sure about 680 calories for ~34 minute run? that seems high -- I can't ever get more than about 340 for that distance, and I can guarantee you I'm lugging more extra baggage around than you are. not to rain on the parade, but i'm jes saying!

JohnnyTri said...

according to Nike Triax C6 and proper settings, thats what it says. I weigh 212 lbs, thats alot junk-n-da-trunk to move around. lol


Andra Sue said...

Hey, it's like you got a free workout from mowing the lawn! Not that I've ever done it myself, mind you...gotta pay someone for that. Reminds me, I need to find a lawn service here in Dallas now that it's spring. Oof.