Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday and what a great week!

Well as you all know the week started off with the Chevelle. As the Rock says: Finally, the Chevelle has come to Houston! After obtaining forms online to request a duplicate title and showing my extended family, I think the Chevelle needs a little rest, :)
Training! Yes, I got back to some of it this week, although, my swim is still lagging and I ALWAYS seem to find reasons not to do it or put it last over biking and running. I must admit this week was rather light for training but I got out there, Matter of fact, today, I went out to run a planned 6 miles and miscalculated and ran 7.8! Yikes, I have not ran that far in months. The last time I ran 6 miles was 3 weeks ago! Oh, well, I got it done and felt good.
You ever have that feeling, I'm sure you all do, when your out there and your body is in tune with your breathing, heart rate and everything is working in harmony! After a sluggish 3-4 miles I felt the zone and just kept moving on, then while in the 6th mile I guess my Clydesdale frame just kept pumping and I negative split the turn around with a slightly higher heart rate but still within my zone. I figured that it takes me a little longer to get warmed up as it does for a Clydesdale horse to get the benefit of pulling something over long distance rather than around the block, ya know. Bigun or IM Myles aka Clydeologist can you relate? I think sometimes I made for going longer.
The upcoming weekend is busy. Tomorrow the LoneStar Triathlon Festival will take place with many triathletes participating in Sprint, Quarter, or Half IM distances and I will be there in the early morning to help volunteer till about 11am! I asked for the wet suit stripping, remember that from my volunteering at the IronStar Triathlon? Will be totally fun.
Then right after that I head to the ol`college to take on a seminar for about 6 hours which will prepare me for a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. The class will continue on Sunday from 8am-2pm, so it's a busy weekend! This certification will help when with the sports doc (keep reading below)
This coming week it's the wife's birthday on the 3rd so Brittany and I have to come up with a good plan. She has been so supportive these past couple of months with the whole job or lack there of situation.
And finally, you all remember my studying my butt off for the Sports Chiropractic job which ended with only 1 person being hired and notice that the next will not be hired till June? Well, in staying in communication with the sports doc he has provided me with more information to study and learn and introductions to the high school where my daughter attends to work with the student athletes and the athletic trainer. All this in preparation for the June hiring. I received an email today stating another introduction to the track and field coach of the school and it states in the email that I will be coming aboard with the sports doc in June!!!! After meeting with him yesterday he did state 2 times that come June we can fine tune some of the learning procedures and then again today the email stating it not only 1 time but 3 times!
Sounds very positive to me! Besides why would somebody like sports doc give you 5 dvd's with all his techniques and the way he uses these with patients if he was not interested in hiring you and why would somebody give you the introductions and leads to people he has worked with before himself personally if he didn't believe and trust in you and wanted to work with you as well. I BELIEVE! and so I just have to make it financially till June! I can do it!! I can do it!!!
Whew, that's a lot of updating.
Have a great weekend and should have some pictures next week!!
PS. Thank you all for the great comments on the Chevelle!!!


Sarah said...

Will you be volunteering on Sunday for the Half? If so, I'll try to keep an eye out for you!

JohnnyTri said...

No sorry, only on Saturday.
I tried for Sunday but my seminar runs 8-2pm.

Have a great one!


Bigun said...

so much for fixing up the Chev...keep the dough in the bank till June - early congrats!

Deb said...

CAr, training and sports doc news all in 1 week. All the best!!!!!!

Andra Sue said...

Sounds like you witnessed an appearance of your run mojo! Best feeling in the world. :)

Also, congrats on your almost-maybe-prettymuchforsure-job!