Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Good day everyone. Let's get right to it, training. Now that all my hectness has calmed down, I was able to foucs on some swimming this morning. 950 yards to be exact, with some drills thrown in there. I realized that my balance is not so great on my left side so spent some time working on that. Then I quickly changed and hit the weights, legs actually.
I noticed yesterday for sure and a slight hint a few weeks ago that my left knee cap/knee was producing lots of crackling sounds (crepitis) when I stood up from sitting, leg extending, etc. and yesterday when running I tried running some stairs on my route only for my knee to quickly yell out with a sharp pain under the knee cap. After further examination later on, it is evident that my knee cap is off track and pulling to the left side (oh, it's my left knee) which means that my left ITB, Quads (lateralis) muscles are over working and/or becoming stronger or you can say that my quads medial (medialis) muscles are a little weak which are causing this problem. So I trained my legs this morning with concentration on the medial quads as well as stretching to the lateral aspect.
Then I headed home and popped in the Slim-n-6 ab video. OK, I know, Slim-n-6, my wife bought it and loves it and I finally tried the ab portion one day and really liked it and it's about 10 mins long. Anyway, finished up with that, ate, emailed, phoned, read and time to hit the bike trainer. I was going to go out to the boonies but didn't feel like loading up the bike, etc. so I cranked out 1 hour in the 68* sun. Feels Great!
This evening it's relax and enjoy some pasta!
rockon` kids...!!!


Allez said...

How do you work the medial quads?

momo said...

i think if i knew all that stuff about my body, i would be an even worse hypochondriac than i am now. :-)

i was telling someone yesterday, i think have my funk this past weekend was because of the weather. i am so tired of the cold and worrying about what to wear for each workout. i'd much rather have 100 degree workouts than 40 degrees and i know to all our friends in the cold weather places, 40 isn't even cold! i'm just ready for some sun and some shorts!!!! isn't it great to finally be outside and be warm???

Matt said...

My Slim n 6 includes how much ice cream I can eat in 6 minutes!
Ah yeah, got love the warmer weather. It was up to 73 in Alabama today. Enjoy!

SkiRough said...

Way to compensate for the kneecap issue by working on the quads now... good job being proactive!

Bigun said...

I embrace my knee noises - it's like a drum roll - means I'm doing something. Good training day, big guy, keep it up!